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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Product Empties #7

Product Empties #7 ft. Viviscal, Urban Decay, Laneige, Lush, MUFE, House of Lashes || The Glam Surge
Spring cleaning came a tad bit early this year.. It's time for another round up of products I've finished up lately. I feel like I've been stuck in such a repetitive routine lately and it's causing me to just run through products so fast. I've pretty much been using these everyday 'til their last use. Hopefully I can keep this going and finish up a bunch of other things taking up space in my collection! Now let's jump into it the empties, shall we?
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Very Pink February

A Very Pink February ft. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laneige, Kat Von D, Too Faced, Benefit, MAC || The Glam Surge
Even though Valentine's Day was a week ago, can anyone really get enough of pink? Didn't think so. When I think of February, not only do I automatically associate it was love, but a bunch of pinks, reds, and any other hue from that side of the spectrum cloud my mind. Here's a round of great products packaged in (or is)  pretty pink that I've been using a ton lately:
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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Exploring Sofia Richie's NIP+FAB Favourites

Exploring Sofia Richie's NIP+FAB Favourites + Reviews || The Glam Surge
Just recently, the beautiful fashion model, Sofia Richie was named the newest ambassador of NIP+FAB. And I don't know about you guys, but sometimes when a celebrity collaborates with a brand, I feel like I'm more likely to try out their products. It may or may not be 'bandwagon' behaviour. However, when I heard that Sofia Richie was partnering up with NIP+FAB, I was really excited to try her top 3 products from the brand. Let's jump into them:
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Beauty Rundown ft. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula (+ Giveaway!)

The Beauty Rundown | January 2018 ft. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Line + Giveaway
Do you ever notice a brand every time you visit your local store but never thought to try it? That's me when it comes to Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula. Every time I would wander through the body care sections at Wal-mart, I'd see this brand (I'd even pick up and read one of their products once or twice) but I've never tried anything from them. It's just one of those brands you've known about for years, but haven't summed up the courage to try something from just yet. And that brings me to a point I always make: Blogging is a beautiful thing. Aside from all that good stuff that I'm sure you've heard from every other blogger in the 'sphere, one of the very best things about blogging is getting the opportunity to discover new brands (or, in this case, old) and their products. 
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Monday, January 22, 2018

New To The Beauty Stash | A Haul

New To The Beauty Stash | A Haul ft. Stila, Nip+Fab, Shiseido, Anastasia Beverly Hills, La Roche-Posay || The Glam Surge
Just because I took a break from blogging, doesn't mean I took a break from adding a few new things to my arsenal. There's nothing better than opening up a fresh new product and going to town with the swatches. Let's be real, once a beauty junkie, always a beauty junkie. A few of these products were sent to me while others were purchased with my own money. Nonetheless, here's what's new:
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Most Loved Beauty Products of 2017

Most Loved Makeup Products of 2017 || The Glam Surge - ft. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lancome, The Ordinary, Fenty Beauty, Urban Decay, Leong Cosmetics
Well, hello there! Remember little ol' me? It's been a while since I last blogged and I feel so disappointed at myself for taking such a long break, but it was needed. I'm finally back to the regular routine and had a surge of motivation to get back on my little corner of the internet. (I'll save all that blabbering for another post that may or may not have a little giveaway included in there) Before I get carried away, I just want to stop and say happy new year to everyone of y'all! Hope your holiday season was full of fun happiness and cheers to a new year! For me, 2017 was more focused on skincare, but I can't deny that I found quite a few makeup goodies that blew me away. Here are my most loved beauty products from last year:
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