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Christmas Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes

Christmas Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes | ft. Julep, Monthly Watch Club, MunchPak, AdoreMe, GlossyBox || The Glam Surge
There are only a few weeks left to get all your loved ones some presents! If you're not much of a shopper and have trouble picking out that one perfect gift for someone, subscription boxes will be your best friend. Most subscription services give you the option to gift a box to someone and I think that's a genius idea. I mean, who doesn't love a box filled with goodies? Here are a few of my favourite subscription services and some that I'd be interested in trying: 

A few years ago, I was subscribed to this box and I would receive a few of their polishes each month. If you know someone who is obsessed with painting their nails, this is the box for them. Julep's nail polishes are amazing. The quality is phenomenal and I love that the packaging is out of the norm, yet so elegant looking. They also don't only do nail polish, they also offer makeup and skincare bits. I'm pretty sure that the boxes are fully customizable as well! 

Christmas Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes | ft. Julep, Monthly Watch Club, MunchPak, AdoreMe, GlossyBox || The Glam Surge
I personally haven't tried this one before, but I follow a few bloggers who share their monthly boxes each month. I do have to say that I'm very interested in trying this one out as they include some great products in their boxes. Not to mention that their presentation is always on point - take a look at their previous boxes here. This box is definitely for those beauty-obsessed people in your life. Their prices aren't too bad either!

This is another one that I haven't tried for myself and is also a bit different compared to the others. These boxes only ship out 4 times a year, so I'm not extremely sure if these would be fit as a Christmas gift, but I still thought I'd include this in here as I find that they offer some great things! They include all kinds of things in their boxes from anything beauty, lifestyle, fitness, etc. Like I mentioned, this box is a bit different than the others; the way you can gift this to someone is by paying X amount towards their membership to receive a box. It is a bit more on the pricey side, but I definitely think it's worth it.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes | ft. Julep, Monthly Watch Club, MunchPak, AdoreMe, GlossyBox || The Glam Surge
This is a newer subscription service and it's more for the people that love accessories, watches specifically. Personally, I don't wear a ton of watches, but I've always admired the look of watches and the way it pulls a look together. The way this one works is you pay only $39/month and you receive (and get to keep) a watch delivered to your door every month. This subscription isn't customizable, so you or the person you're gifting it to, is surprised with the style each month. They have watches for men and women, so this one is perfect for anyone!

I talked about this service in a recent post - you can read about October's box over on this post. Basically, this is the perfect gift for anyone who is all about skincare or Korean beauty. I personally love this as a gift idea because sheet masks are so pampering and relaxing to throw on. I'm sure anyone can appreciate some face masks. Plus their prices are so reasonable and affordable! Use the code "NICOLEMERZA20" for money off on your purchase.

Now going back to something more familiar.. Who isn't a fan of some new underwear? I definitely am! Now, I'm not sure if this is a giftable service, but hey, you can always gift it to yourself right? From experience, AdoreMe's lingerie is top quality and they offer such gorgeous pieces. They have bras, panties, pyjamas, lounge wear. I have a few bras and a robe from them and they're still in tip top shape!

Christmas Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes | ft. Julep, Monthly Watch Club, MunchPak, AdoreMe, GlossyBox || The Glam Surge
This is another brand I've talked about in the past and I actually have a video of my little family and I trying out some snacks in this video. This box is for the foodies in your life. When you decide to gift a MunchPak, you have the choice to pick how many snacks go into the box and how long you want to keep gifting them. This has to be one of my faves as there's so many snacks out there that we're limited to because of where we live, but MunchPak cancels that out and gives us the chance to try different treats from around the world. Also, they ship worldwide! Use the code "GLAMSURGE" for money off your order!

Last but not least is BarkBox. Again, I haven't tried this subscription box, but I stumbled upon it on Facebook and I thought it was so interesting. It's pretty much a huge box filled with treats and toys for your dog. If you have a dog that you love so deeply, I really think this would be the perfect gift for him/her. They have a bunch of themes that I believe you can pick from. Such a fun idea!

Products marked with a (*) were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

What are your favourite subscription services?


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