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The Beauty Rundown | November 2017

The Beauty Rundown | November 2017 ft. Maybelline Brow Line
Everyone who's been reading my blog for a while now knows that when it comes to makeup, brow products have to be my favourite. I mean, there's such a huge difference that they make, even if you just slap on a tinted brow gel. Especially if you're someone who has very fine, thin brow hairs like me; eyebrow pencils, powder, etc, are your life. A while ago, I received three new brow products from Maybelline's Brow line and I'm ready to share my thoughts on the bunch! 

When it comes to brow gels, it's either a hit or miss. Sometimes they can be way too pigmented to the point when you apply it to your brows, it looks so splotchy. Other times the formula can really stiffen your hairs, and I know a ton of ladies hate that. Then again, there's that rare chance that you find the perfect brow gel that has the right amount of colour pay off so it doesn't go on splotchy and also doesn't harden your brow hairs, and at the same time holds your brows in place - ah, the dream. When it comes to this one in particular, it definitely has the right amount of pigmentation, it doesn't make my hairs stiff, but when it comes to holding them in place, it does an OK job. One thing that kind of threw me off was the applicator. Instead of being a tiny little spoolie, like I'm used to, it looks sort of like a boat with spikes. LOL. Nonetheless, it's pretty easy to apply the product. Overall, I'm really impressed that I could check off 2/3 off my list for a drugstore brow gel. It gets a thumbs up from me. 

The Beauty Rundown | November 2017 ft. Maybelline Brow Line

I'm pretty sure I have quite a few brow pencils in my collection already, but I still welcomed this guy with open arms because, well, can you really have enough? Nope. One thing I noted straight away when I opened this up was that it's pretty short, meaning that it doesn't have much product in it. Compared to the following: ColourPop Brow Pencil has .003oz / NYX Micro Brow has .003oz / ABH Brow Definer has .007oz; the Maybelline one only has .002oz. With that said, you're probably going to have to repurchase this a bunch of times if you fall in love with it. Now onto it's performance - I was very impressed by this actually. It applies smoothly and the pigmentation is really good as well. You can definitely get a precise line with this pencil. 

This product was what I was excited to try the most. I've not tried something like this before, though I have heard a bunch of good things about the one similar that Rimmel (I believe) came out with. Out of the three, this one was the party pooper. Maybe I'm not used to this type of product or maybe it just sucks. It's just way too pigmented for me, the applicator is too thick, it's hard to get a precise application with this, and it's super difficult to achieve that gradient from the beginning of the brow to the tail. Overall, not impressed.

The Beauty Rundown | November 2017 ft. Maybelline Brow Line
L-R: Shaping Chalk Powder, Micro Pencil, Fiber Volumizer
Products marked with a (*) were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

What are your favourite eyebrow products? 


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