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Christmas Gift Ideas: Jewelry

Christmas Gift Ideas: Jewelry ft. Soufeel Jewelry || The Glam Surge
!! PSA: Black Friday is next week !!
Guys, the days are going by so quick and before we know it, it'll be Christmas. Have y'all done any holiday shopping yet? Yup, me neither. Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are creeping up on us and it's pretty much the perfect time to get all your shopping done and maybe get a little something something for yourself too! In the weeks leading up to Santa Claus' return, I'll be sharing a few gift ideas to help anyone struggling with what to get their loved ones.

Now the first gift idea, as you probably already know from reading the title of this post, is jewelry. Who doesn't love some new jewelry? I feel like it's such a timeless gift and it's something that anyone can appreciate. It's the perfect gift for the ladies especially. When I think of gifting something to my grandmothers or mum, this is what I think of first.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Jewelry ft. Soufeel Jewelry || The Glam Surge
There was a point in time when everyone and their mommas were obsessed with Pandora bracelets. I admit that I fell into the hype as well, but those things are pricey. An alternative I found is from Soufeel. They have a ton of charm bracelets or if you already have a Pandora bracelet, they have little charms that you can get for a fraction of the price that Pandora sells theirs for. My favourite thing about charm bracelets is that you get to pick the charms and there could be a story behind why you picked it out. That's what makes it such a great present. Here are a few charm bangles I picked out..

Christmas Gift Ideas: Jewelry ft. Soufeel Jewelry || The Glam Surge

Christmas Gift Ideas: Jewelry ft. Soufeel Jewelry || The Glam Surge
If you really want to go all out and impress the person you're gifting, anything personalized is a always a good option. My favourite thing on the Soufeel website is their monogram necklace (have a look at mine over on this post). I wear mine non-stop and every time I wear it to work, I get tons of compliments on it. My little mini-me kept bugging me telling me that she wanted her own, so of course I had to get her one. Her's is the one pictured above; her initials KRB. It's such a simple piece but with it being customized, it's worth so much more.

Soufeel hasn't disappointed. If you didn't catch my last post about them, here's the basics - they're an online store that carries all kinds of jewelry pieces from bracelets, necklaces, earrings, to rings. They cut out the middle man and sell directly from their manufacturer which is why their prices are so low. All of their pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver and looking at what I've received from them, they're all amazing quality. With Black Friday coming up fast, now would be the best time to grab something if you've been thinking about it. I also have a code for you guys so you could get extra $$$ off: use the code MERZA15 for 15% off your order! They ship worldwide.

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