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The Beauty Rundown | September 2017

The Beauty Rundown September 2017 - ColourPop, Ouai, Huda Beauty
And I'm back with another quick rundown about these three bits.. 

ColourPop Precision Eyebrow Pot in Dope Taupe | I've been going for a lighter brow look these days and all I've been using is this pot from ColourPop. First off, the price point of this is such a huge plus compared to the price of the ABH Dip Brow. They're pretty much the same thing. I'd say that the CP one is just a tad less pigmented compared to the Dip Brow that gives you so much colour payoff even if you just lightly dip your brush in the pomade. Nonetheless, this gem is just as smooth and blendable. The product doesn't dry out fast, so you don't have to rush with your brows (great for people who take forever to do their brows aka me). Overall I'm really impressed by these and I'm considering buying other shades! 

Ouai Wave Spray | I've had this for a year now and haven't made a noticeable dent in it until now. I use it after I wash my hair - I spray it mainly on the roots before going to the rest of my hair and I find that it gives me a ton of volume. Coming from someone who has really flat/dull hair, this spray is such a lifesaver. Also, it has a really pleasant scent which isn't at all overpowering that it's hard for me not to spritz this everywhere. 

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Venus | So I finally gave in and gave these a go. My coworker actually recommended this to me claiming that it's the most comfortable matte liquid lipstick ever. A makeup addicts dream. I'm happy to report that this is very true. This goes on the lips to smoothly, never streaky. The pigmentation is phenomenal and this stuff stays on throughout the whole day (unless I eat something oily - very guilty of that). This does have a light scent to it, though isn't noticeable after a few minutes. It's safe to say that I will be buying more of these. 

What have you been trying out lately?


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