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New In | Nouveau Lashes + First Impressions

New In | Nouveau Lashes Haul and First Impressions || The Glam Surge
Nouveau Lashes is one of those brands I've heard of through blogging. I'd mostly hear of them from beauty bloggers that I followed over in the UK, but even then I was intrigued by the brand. Now imagine how shocked I was when I got a notification on Instagram saying that they followed me. I'm pretty sure it was only as recent as this year that Nouveau Lashes started catering to their Canadian fans. 

One thing that I find really cool and unique about the brand is that not only do they sell false lashes and brow products, but they also offer training/classes/products for all sorts of lash treatments. With the popularity of eyelash extensions on the rise, if you've been meaning to become a lash technician, I recommend checking their packages out. But that's beside the point - the lovely people over at Nouveau Lashes were kind enough to include me in their #LashGang and send me a few of their products. So here I am to show y'all what I got and my first impressions - 

New In | Nouveau Lashes Haul and First Impressions || The Glam Surge
I picked out three of their strip lashes: Style 1*, Style 3* and Style 4*. I've actually had these lashes for quite some time now, but I wanted to rock them all before I talked about them. These lashes are all part of their natural collection, so as expected, they all look really natural on. The lash bands are really thin, so if you want to, you could probably get away with these looking as your real lashes if you put the band close enough to your lash line. With some faux lashes, it can feel really heavy on the eyes, but these are extremely lightweight that you won't even feel them there. I'm definitely a fan of all three of them!

I'm sure I've mentioned something along these lines on my blog before, but I'll say it again - my brow and lash hairs are pretty damn pathetic. First of all, my brow hairs are so thin and they really suffered when I went through that tweezer-happy phase. It took so long for the hairs to grow back, but even then they were super thin. As for my lashes, for as long as I could remember they've been short and thin. When I found this thing in my care package from Nouveau, I was super intrigued. It's said to be packed with a whole bunch of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives that are supposed to instantly give the appearance of conditioned lashes/brows and if used long-term should help give a fuller appearance. I've only used this a handful of times, so I haven't really noticed much of a difference. All I know is that it is a bit hard to know if you're applying product to the lashes or not. I'm going to continue using it and will report back soon! 

When I saw that they had this brow palette, I jumped on it quick. You guys should know how important my brows are to me, so I had to try this one. This palette comes in Light, Medium, and Dark. To be honest, I had no idea they had all those shades which is probably why I ended up with the Light palette when I probably would have went with the Medium instead. I guess I should read more carefully next time, right?! Anyways, the palette comes with three shades which I assume would be two brow shades and one highlight shade. Just like the Conditioning Serum, I've only used this a handful of times. From the times I have used it though, I can say I really like it. It looks really natural and I like how quick it is to just throw on, especially if I'm trying to do a quick 'five minute' makeup look. It does come with a dual ended brush, which is appreciated, but I'd rather use my own brushes as I find they pick up product much better.

Products marked with a (*) were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

Have you tried anything from Nouveau Lashes before? 
Would you ever get lash extensions?


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