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The Only Lipsticks I'll Be Rocking This Season + Mini Haul

The Only Lipsticks I'll Be Rocking This Season + Mini Haul | ft. NUDESTIX & MAC
So.. I did the unthinkable. After an hour of sorting through my stash and swatching my whole left arm, I actually down-sized my lipstick collection! It was definitely an impulse move on my part. One day I was scrolling through Instagram and a moment of realization just hit me out of no where - why in the f*ck do I have so many lipsticks?! I mean I only rotate a few, so why let the unfortunate few waste away in my drawers? It was hard and I got rid of a lot - and I'm taking high end, drugstore and a TON of MAC *sobs*. The ladies in my family were definitely feasting on more than just turkey this past Thanksgiving weekend! 

The Only Lipsticks I'll Be Rocking This Season + Mini Haul | ft. NUDESTIX & MAC swatches
After getting that out of my system, I decided to treat myself to some new lippies! 'Cause that makes perfect sense right?! I've been eyeing up the NUDESTIX Nude(art)its Box Creator's Palette for a while now. After seeing swatches of it on IG and witnessing that once applied, they do not move at all, I had to have it. I ran my bum off to Sephora the next day and decided to try them out for myself. I kid you not, no matter how hard I tried to rub these swatches off my hand, they would not budge. Of course I had to snatch it up. Admittedly, they're not the most moisturizing lipstick out there, so I do like to make sure I give my lips some TLC before I put these babies on - but once they're on, they. are. on. The kit comes with 6 beautiful shades that just so happen to be ideal for Autumn! 

Every damn time I see swatches on blogs, I'm so ready to spend some dough. So many ladies were talking about the MAC x Nicki Minaj collaboration and after seeing plenty of swatches, it was a goal of mine to purchase Baby's All Right the next morning. However, when I got to the store, I figured I had way too many lipsticks that were similar to the shade. I was about to leave but can you really leave a makeup store without having a swatch-fest? I think not! As soon as the applicator of Spite was finished swiping the back of my hand, I was head over heals for it. I don't have many glosses in my collection, so I through this in my basket fast! I can't remember the name of it for the life of me, though I believe it was the shade Under The Sheets that also caught my eye, but with my luck, it was sold out. So I tried looking for something similar and that's when Oyster Girl came into my life. Guys/gals, when I say everyone needs this in their collection, I meant it. It gives my lips the nicest glossy look ever with just a hint of light, light pink. Y'all NEED it. 

Are you a lipstick hoarder? What is one lipstick you will never let go of?


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