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6 New Makeup Brushes In My Collection

There's something about new makeup brushes that just makes me so happy. For the longest time, I've been contemplating on buying some new makeup brushes, but held off because I know quality brushes come at a price. However, when I was IMATS a couple of weeks ago (see my haul here), I knew I had to grab some new new. I ended up picking up six beauties and the best part is that they weren't even too expensive. 

All six brushes are from Morphe. I waited in line for a whole 3 hours to finally be exposed (and a bit overwhelmed) by the hundreds of brushes they had brought IMATS. Despite the long wait, it was definitely worth it as the brushes were pretty inexpensive plus it cut out the big shipping fee that you'd have to pay if you purchased them online. So let's get into what I bought: 

E3 - Precision Pointed Powder Brush | I actually already have this brush in my collection, but for some time now, I've been using my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette to set the concealer I use to brighten the centre of my face. Then on the other hand, I like to set the rest of my face with a translucent powder, so I don't like using the same brush. I figured that it'd be a good time to snatch up a new one. It's great for getting in tricky places of the face since it is pointed and of course for the overall face. The bristles are also really soft. 

M405 - Contour Blush Brush | For the longest time, I've been using a fat blush brush that tends to pack on blush on more areas that I prefer. I thought I'd grab this as it's much smaller, so it's perfect for getting a more precise application. I think I may also grab another one because this looks perfect for contouring. 

M421 - Mini Concealer Brush | An essential for concealer or fixing up your brows. Prior to this, the concealer brush that I was using, the bristles were a tad longer. With this one being more shorter, I have more control over where the product goes. Goodbye to accidentally over-concealing! 

M210 - Small Chisel Fluff Brush | To be honest, I don't even remember throwing this in my basket. However, it looks like it'd be really good for packing on colour. 

M574 - Pencil Crease Brush | The pointed tip of this brush is what drew my attention. I do have other pencil-type brushes, but this one is a bit bigger and firmer. I like to use these kinda of brushes for all sorts of things, like packing on colour in certain areas or smudging eyeliner or eyeshadow. 

R39 - Tapered Blender Brush | I have a brush very similar to this from Sigma (E25) but since I am one of many who hate washing their brushes (see this post) and don't have one of those eyeshadow switching things on hand, two of the same brushes come in very handy. Plus, these are the best brushes for blending shadows on the crease. You definitely can't have too many! 

What's your favourite makeup brush brand?


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