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New Foundation On The Block | The Ordinary Serum Foundation

So if you haven't heard of this foundation yet, are you even in the loop?! The Ordinary Serum Foundation has been making it's rounds throughout the beauty blogosphere for quite some time now. To be completely honest, when it first came out, I had no idea about it. Then everybody started talking (more like raving) about it, so naturally I had to get my hands on it. 

Unfortunately for me, it was out of stock for the longest time. Until A few weeks ago when I got an email saying it was back in stock! What did I do? Shell out a cute total of almost $15 for two shades of the foundation, of course! Yes, you read that right - TWO foundations for FIFTEEN dollars. That's pretty darn impressive, but was it a good one? Let's find out...

S H A D E    R A N G E
Impressively, this foundation is available in 21 shades. Each shade is catered to different undertones like Neutral, Pink, Yellow, Red, and select shades have Golden or Silver highlights in them. I'm not the best judge of shade ranges, mostly because I only focus on getting the right one for me, but I think it's a pretty good one and I'm sure anybody can find their perfect (or very close to perfect) colour. I ended up picking up two shades: 2.0YG (Light Medium - Yellow Undertones with Golden Highlights) & 2.1Y (Medium - Yellow Undertones). Since it is summer, I caught a slight tan, so the shade 2.1Y is my ideal shade at the moment; it is an exact match for my neck/chest.

When I first pumped it out, I noticed it was a bit runny. Not runny enough to drip off my hand, but enough to spread out quite a bit on it. Applying it on my face, it feels extremely lightweight; especially when applied with a beauty sponge, it feels just like skin. The Ordinary claims that they're supposed to have a 'lightweight serum feel' to it and I feel like I can agree to that. Other than that, the foundation is really easy to blend out and it doesn't look splotchy like some foundations I've tried in the past. It goes on very even.

C O V E R A G E 
Despite it being a very lightweight foundation, the coverage is a complete opposite. I'd say that this gives me a medium to full coverage and since it is so light, layering is definitely something you can do with this one without it feeling or looking too heavy. The finish isn't quite dewy, but it isn't matte either. It's a good in between. Though if you're looking for a matte finish, there's nothing a little powder foundation can't fix.

F I N A L    T H O U G H T S
Overall, I'm very impressed by this foundation. The wear of this lasts me a whole day. Even after 8 hours, it still looks good and there are no signs of cracking or separation at all. I'm also glad that this one comes with a pump (shade at any high end foundations that don't come with one). What sells me the most on this foundation is the price point - after taking into consideration how well this works with my skin and the very low price you pay for this thing, it gets five stars from me.

Shop the Serum Foundation here. 

Have you tried this foundation yet?


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