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Ok, I admit it: I've been a terrible blogger lately. My blog has been a bit quiet as of late. I feel like I haven't posted anything in a while, but it's only been under a week since I last put up any content. So I thought I would do a little life update as to why I've been so absent in the blogosphere. A week may seem like a short time to some people, but for me, it feels like ages. So much that it's been giving me anxiety and it stresses me out every day when I don't post. Which will bring me to my first point: 

O1. When I first started blogging, it was purely out of boredom, fun, passion for writing, and my own entertainment. However, I noticed that it's been turning into a 'job' for me lately. Like it's something that I have to do. And I've read many of blog posts from many different people to know that blogging definitely shouldn't feel like that. So I thought it'd be best to take short breaks between posts, let creativity find me, and hope to fall in love with blogging all over again - because before this feeling, I really enjoyed creating.

O2. I've mentioned in previous posts that I got myself back in the field of actual work, haha. I work for a store that actually has some pretty nice things (says humbly like I didn't buy 4 pairs of shoes in the past 2 months from them) and is quite a popular brand worldwide, so I'm kinda proud about that. Stopping myself from rambling on about work - I work a few times a week, so on those days, I feel so tired and don't have the motivation to write on here. Then on my day offs, I like to spend hanging out with family, more importantly, my daughter. Which then transitions to my next point.. 

O3. My daughter turned 4 in March! I don't know how it is in other areas, but where I live, that's the age to start kindergarten. So she's starting school, which is totally crazy! Time seriously flies. Like, I don't know if you guys noticed but there are only 4 months left of 2017. Insane. New Year didn't even feel like too long ago. But back to my point - my daughter will be going to school in September (still can't get over saying that) and it'll be full day, so I won't be able to spend much time with her. Such a huge change from being with her 24/7 for the past four years - mothers, how do you do it?!?! That said, I just want to be with her as much as I can before Summer ends and school starts. 

O4. I'm definitely on top with this transitioning thing, right? PSA: Summer is almost over! Did we even have a summer? The weather in Toronto definitely didn't feel like it. I can't recall a week of just hot weather and sunshine. All I took from this summer was shivery mornings/nights, on & off rain, unpredictable weather, oh, and the solar eclipse - who was able to catch that? Anyways, before the cold of winter comes back, I just wanted to get out and enjoy the semi-warm weather that we have at the moment. 

Now that I got that off my chest and broke my no-posting streak, I hope you guys understand why I haven't been posting as much. And hope that this wasn't too boring of a read. I promise to be back sooner than later, on my own time and free will of course. 😌

What have you guys been up to lately?


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