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Brow Gel Showdown | Glossier Boy Brow vs. Benefit Gimme Brow

When it comes to makeup, brow products have to be my favourite ever. I think my obsession with them comes from the fact that my eyebrows are 'barely there'. Meaning my brow hairs are naturally so thin that they're not that noticeable and don't have any definition to them. So I've come to love brow products as they give me the eyebrows that I've always dreamt of having, even if it is only temporary.

One product that I love when it comes to brows is brow gel. Admittedly, I hopped on them extremely late in the game (possibly as recent as last year), but since then, it's been a staple in my makeup routine. Tinted brow gels especially. I love that they also add pigment to the brows as well as set them in place. Today I'll be comparing two tinted brow gels that I feel are pretty similar: Glossier Boy Brow & Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Gimme Brow | 3.0g for $32CAD          vs.          Glossier Boy Brow | 3.12g for $20CAD

From reading a ton of other beauty blogs, packaging seems to me a big thing to a lot of people, myself included. Sometimes I like flashy packaging and sometimes I like really simple/sleek packaging. When it comes to these two, I like both packaging but I much prefer the Glossier packaging as it's so minimal and straight the the point. I do know that Benefit revamped the look of their brow line recently, but prior to that, the Gimme Brow's packaging was very similar to the Glossier packaging. As for the wands, both are pretty much identical - a small, stubby spooly tip that works so well at applying to the brow hairs without getting everywhere. 

S H A D E S 
The Boy Brow comes in 4 shades: Clear, Blond, Brown, Black. While the Gimme Brow comes in 3 shades: Light, Medium, Deep. I like that the Boy Brow has a clear option, which would probably be ideal for people who do have thicker brow hairs than I do. But personally, I prefer a tinted one to make my eye brows more defined. What I noticed between the two products are that the Gimme Brow apply with one solid colour, while the Boy Brow sort of gave sort of a multidimensional look on the brows - I don't know if I'm explaining it right, but I hope you guys get what I mean. 

P E R F O R M A N C E 
To be completely honest, they work pretty much exactly alike. They both do a fab job at setting my hairs in place. Both add tint to the brows. I have the Boy Brow in Brown and the Gimme Brow in Deep and I find them to be very close, if not identical, in colour. For testing purposes, I used one of each of my brows and could barely see a difference. One thing I do want to point out however is that I find the Boy Brow adds more volume to my brows compared to the Gimme Brow. 

F I N A L    T H O U G H T S
Overall, I prefer the Boy Brow since it does give my brow hairs more volume and thickness. You also get a tad more product for your money, which is always great. However, my one gripe with this is that it's not something that is easily accessible to everyone. I'm pretty sure that Glossier currently ships to only the US and Canada, but are planning to expand to further regions in the near future. Until then, the Gimme Brow is the next best option since it is more readily available to most people. 

Have you tried any of these brow gels? Which do you prefer?


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