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This Should Be Your 2017 Makeup Bible

Every new season comes with a new set of rules. While some things stay pretty much the same, others go through quite a transformation, and beauty is no exception. If remained unchanged we would still be wearing a lip liner in a shade that isn’t even close to the one of the lipstick – never forget the nineties. However, this is not about dwelling on the past; it’s about welcoming and embracing the future of fashion. Aside from the trends to follow regarding makeup techniques and looks that are guaranteed to rule this year and perhaps even the next one, there is one other thing highly worth mentioning – the type of makeup.

We have been keeping a close watch on the developments in the beauty industry and it’s safe to say that things are taking a turn for the better. Cruelty-free is now something an increasing number of beauty companies are embracing, along with vegan, natural and organic production. People are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues and this awareness quickly found its way into the beauty world. Having said all this, it’s time to jump right in and brush up on the new beauty commandments.

One of the trends whose disappearance numerous people will rejoice is the strong brow game. New brows are in town, and they are feathery and softly defined. The extensive routine that used to include a number of products and a whole lot of time is to be kicked to the curb and you should let your brows live. To get the natural, feathery look all you need is a soft set tinted brow gel with a super stiff spoolie, brush up and you’re done.

As we said, health comes first, with food, as well as with makeup. Hence, cakey, pore-clogging and the foundations after which our skin needs a weekend retreat to recover are the same foundations we are ditching this year. The job of a great foundation is to give us a luminous complexion, nourish and improve our skin, and that is why something like Liquid Minerals by Jane Iredale from Australia should be a clear choice. This type of foundation feels and looks like second skin, which is a bonus as the no-makeup makeup trend is bigger than ever. More importantly, there are no unpleasant surprises once the makeup is off at the end of the day.

At the beginning of the year there was debate as to whether the matte lipstick will vanish from our lives and leave room for metallic shades. Now, as the year 2017 is almost half-gone, it’s safe to say that all textures will be staying put for now. So, whether you swear by matte or metallic, satin or glossy finish – it doesn’t matter because they’re all welcome on board, at least according to Dior Makeup Creative and Image Director Peter Philips. As long as you’re covered in the nudes and that perfect red department, it’s all good.

One of the products that have made a huge comeback, on the runways as well as our makeup cases is the mighty blush. As makeup artist Suzy Gerstein says, ‘blush really is that thing that adds balance to the equation and ties the look together.’ The right shade of blush gives the cheeks a healthy glow, plus, the return of the blush is the perfect antidote for the contouring fad, which is on its way out.

Cream blushes are definitely something you want to grace your face and makeup case, as they have the inexplicable power of making your face fresher and unbelievably healthy and wholesome-looking. Also, don’t forget the power of a truly great highlighter. Stick highlighters are definitely a justified craze as they blend nicely into the skin and provide you with a beaming yet seemingly natural glow. Strobing is the new contouring, so go and achieve your #glowgoals.

If you never mastered the perfect eyeliner wing, that is perfectly fine because the imperfect liner is the new perfect. Smudgy, ‘just rolled out of bed and haven’t removed my makeup the night before’ look is more popular than when you were into punk music, so if you were looking to relieve it, now is as good a time as any. However, all the Betty Draper out there who love their wings perfect are still in style as well, so just pick a lane and enjoy the ride.

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