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New In | Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a brand that I've known about for as long as I could remember, but haven't had the chance to try a lot from them. Before this, the only product I've owned from the brand was an eyeshadow in the shade Khaki. While doing my usual rounds on the Sephora site a week or two ago, I came across a 500 point perk featuring Bobbi Brown's top sellers. Since I've been meaning to try the brand for the longest time, I thought this would be the perfect introduction. 

In what Sephora calls the Bobbi's Cult Favourites box were five of their bestsellers - their lipstick in Brownie, which is a beautiful brown/rose shade that I really appreciate. I haven't used it on the lips yet, but after swatching it, I was surprised at how creamy the formula is. One product I haven't heard much about is their Bronzing Powder. Despite not hearing much, after swatching it, this shades looks like one that'll suit my skin tone. If it doesn't, I'm sure it would make a great eyeshadow! The next product in there is the Cream Shadow Stick in Sand Dune. I know that Amelia (from Amelia Says) loves these, so I was really excited to see that this was included in the set. The shade is a very wearable one, yet it's pigmentation packs a punch. I could already tell that this is going to be one the eyes as it seems so creamy and easy to blend. I'm sure this'll definitely be one of those shadows that you could just throw on alone and it'll still look good. Keeping with the eyes, the Smokey Eye Mascara is the next item on the list. Admittedly, I'm extremely picky with my mascaras as most of them don't do jacksh*t for my lashes. Either way, I'm glad this is just a sample size (and free!..kinda) so I could test it out before splurging on a full size. Lastly is the Hydrating Eye Cream. Who doesn't appreciate some skincare samples? I've heard great things about this one as well, so I'm excited to test this out!

The next week, I went to an outlet mall that conveniently had a CCS and I ended up picking up the Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink. I remember Shimmer Bricks being all the rage a year or two ago, but I never gave into it. It wasn't until I swatched this one in store that I decided to snatch one up. It's really gorgeous and with it more on the pink side, I think it'll look amazing on top of a blush. 

L-R: Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink, Bronzing Powder, Cream Shadow Stick in Sand Dune, Lipstick in Brownie 
What are your Bobbi Brown recommendations?


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