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The Best Way To Store Your Beauty Sponge

There's no doubt that beauty sponges are my favourite beauty tool to apply foundation, concealer, and even setting powder. The beautyblender in particular is my go-to. But when all the makeup is on and it's time to leave behind all the tools, I always struggle with where to store my sponge. In the past, I would just perch it on top of the cylinder packing it came on, but when I'd get back home, the bottom would still be damp - which for some reason makes me feel like a lot of bacteria can breed on. Like I said, it was always a struggle until Basic Beauty Tools followed me on Instagram and the whole game changed. Basically, they created the perfect product to take care of my beauty sponge storing woes. 

A B O U T   T H E   B R A N D : 
Basic Beauty Tools is a UK based company focused on making beauty products that were more accessible and approachable by designing beauty tools that go straight back to basics with products that make getting ready in the morning just that little bit easier. Created by founder, Chantal, who was very dissatisfied with the fact that beauty companies offered such useful makeup sponges, but supplied nothing to store or dry them. That's when the idea to create the Spongedry sprung into her mind.

T H E   S P O N G E D R Y*
Their Spongedry is what initially caught my eye and had me intrigued at the brand. It was the exact thing that I was looking for - a device designed specifically to dry and store my beautyblenders. What I really like about this is that it's super compact and effective. Effective in the sense that my beauty sponge fits perfectly on it and allows it to dry completely. Compact in a way that it's not always in the form pictured above, but it's actually collapsible so it can be stored away easily after use. The Spongedry comes in four different colours: black, white, pink, and purple.

F O U N D A T I O N   B L E N D E R S*
A month or so ago, I wrote a post titled "An Ode To The Beautyblender" where I stated my love for the infamous beautyblender and I also said that I was never going to switch to another brand. Well, I might have spoke too soon because after trying the Foundation Blenders, I think I've converted. The shape of these sponges are similar to the beautyblender, but have one difference - the flat side and pointed tip. I find that aspect so useful in getting into small areas and it's also ideal for baking as you can get that precise line under your contour. With other beauty sponges compared to the beautyblender, I always find that most are too firm. However, the one by Basic Beauty Tools is just as bouncy (or dare I say, even more bouncier) than the beautyblender and I give it extra points for that. It's said that the Foundation Blender's material is more porous which makes it ideal for quick drying and gives the sponge a stronger structure and durabilty. For the extremely affordable price of $7, I think beautyblender has a new competitor! This sponge comes in 3 different colours: black, pink, and purple.

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with both products and will definitely be repurchasing once I need to replace the ones that were ever so kindly sent over to me. I recommend this to anybody who wants to try the beautyblender but can't justify spending more than $25 on a sponge - this is the perfect (and cheaper) alternative. The founder of BBT was also kind enough to give me a promo code to use on their website to share with my readers: Use the code GLAM15 to get 15% off all products on Basic Beauty Tools. Valid until September 30th.

Products marked with a (*) were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

What do you use to store/dry your beauty sponges?



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