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Summer Fashion Must-Haves

A few posts ago, I mentioned that Toronto weather has been complete crap. But it's like I jinxed myself because right after that and up 'til now, the weather has been amazing. (Okay seriously?! I jinxed myself again! The thunder is going hard right now!) Anyways.. Since the official first day of Summer is right around the bend, I thought I would share some fashion bits that'll be very popular this season. 

b e l l - s l e e v e d   t o p s
The first time I saw this trend coming to life, to be completely honest, I was horrified. It brought me back to when I was a little girl and had a bell-sleeved top but it had the tackiest print (why'd you do it to me mom?!) But then I saw different companies creating their take on it and it slowly grew on me. So much that whenever I'm shopping, I always try to look for the perfect bell-sleeved top. One thing I really like about this trend is that it looks really airy. Perfect for those hot Summer days. 

b a r d o t / o f f - s h o u l d e r s
I am the biggest fan of off-shoulders. There's something so feminine about them. It's also something that you could dress up or dress down. I could easily pair them with some white jeans and look very summer-y. Or I could throw on some dress pants and fancy heels to look well put together. These are also going to be amazing when you have a tan and glowy skin. 

c u l o t t e s  
I know a ton of people hate this trend, but I really like it. Just like the bell-sleeved tops, these are really airy and perfect for those hotter days as most of them are really light. I especially love jumpsuit culottes - though I never fit them because I'm such a tiny human being. Culottes come in all different styles that you could wear at any occasion. My favourite at the moment are denim culottes. 

w h i t e   je a n s / p a n t s
I love wearing white pants in the summer. There's just something about them that gives me the summer vibes. They look good with pretty much anything as well. The other week, I pulled out some white denim and paired it with a denim bardot top - it looked so nice and I know it'll be a go to for me this season. 

m u l e s 
I'm sure this is another trend that not everybody jumped on right away. Personally, I was totally on board as soon as this style became popular. However, I haven't found the perfect pair just yet. Still, I see them a lot on fashion blogs and can't help but admire them. I actually remember my mom having a pair when I was younger and I always used to wear them even though they were 3x bigger than my little feet back then, haha. 

s t r a p p y   s h o e s
This needs no explanation at all. Strappy shoes always make a comeback in the summertime. Whether it's tie up flats, knee-high gladiator flat, or just simple sandals, you'll see them this summer. 

b u c k e t   &   s t r a w   b a g s
Of course you're going to need a bag to carry around all your summer essentials. Bucket bags always look good for the season, but one new trend that made it's way to the spotlight are straw bags. I've seen a bunch of fashion blogs featuring them and they give off such a perfect summer look. For some reason, I imagine taking it to the farmer's market and filling it up with fresh flowers or just taking it to the beach. 

s u n n i e s 
Who could really survive the summer without a good pair of sunglasses? These are just essential. There are so many styles of sunnies out there, but my personal fave have to be oversized ones. Perfect to hide behind on those days that are just too hot to wear any makeup.

What trends are you loving this Summer?


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