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Makeup Artist Secrets For A Total Makeover in 5 Minutes

We’ve all been there; we’re in a rush, but we certainly don’t want that to stand in the way of looking like absolute perfection. While there are many makeup tutorials out there, and if you have watched any (and we know you have) you know that they usually involve intricate and complex looks, and take an eternity to pull off (if you can at all). Even with editing, these looks take at least half an hour to complete, and that’s only the time it takes for the youtuber in question. In search of tips that are easier to incorporate, perhaps it’s time to listen to some of the world’s most renowned makeup artists, and achieve a great look in no time. 

Foundation Comes First

What all MUAs out there agree on is that, prior to applying the foundation, the skin should be cleansed, prepped and moisturized. Now we proceed with foundation. Those battling oily skin know how difficult it is to achieve a luminous and natural finish without excess shine. Mix water into foundation right before application. It adds moisture without any excess oil and makes the skin look even more radiant, says Rebecca Restrepo, the artist responsible for amazing looks of the likes of Mandy Moore and Emily Blunt. Those who aren’t battling any particular skin issue should go for something sheer, light and dewy, like Nude by Nature Sheer Glow BB Cream for an evened-out look with built-in radiance. This one is also wonderful for sensitive and dry skin, but if you have particularly dehydrated skin, Fabiola, who's worked with Hilary Swank, recommends mixing foundation with moisturizer or even facial oil. That way, your foundation will not dry and clump, and your skin will lock in moisture. 

Handy Eye Secrets

This first trick doesn’t involve makeup, but it’s surely one that you’ll be using. Use eye drops to reduce redness. Not only do they make the eyeball clean and white, but they also reduce the redness from the rim of your lid. The uniform color makes the eyes look larger, brighter, and more awake. Then use a white liner on the lower inside rim of the eye. It may appear too white at first, but give it five minutes and it’s amazing, says Maria Scali. Now, when applying eye shadow, much of it ends up on our cheeks, and then that takes time to clean up. This is where Shadow Shield sheets come as a life and time saver. Just stick them below your lower eyelashes and peel off when you’re done! To top things off and achieve that ‘open eye, younger look’ use a luminizer in the inner corner, then swoop it with a fan brush underneath the eye. According to Deanna Melluso, this brightens the face as well. 

All ‘Bout Them Lips

When you want your lipstick shade to really stand out, Petra Strand advises you to dab a color corrector all over lips to neutralize the lip tone and to make the lip color more vibrant. In your pursuit of the perfect lip shade for you, Maggie Ford Danielson from Benefit cosmetics is here with an amazingly simple trick. Pull your bottom lip down and look at the inside color. Pick a lipstick shade that's either lighter or a bit deeper but along the same tone as the inside of your lip. Not only will you always look amazing, but this also reduces the makeup routine time, as you don’t need to apply a lip liner.

Brow Game Simplified 
Brows have been an important feature to highlight for quite some time. To make your brow game both strong and fast, James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist says: “No. 2 pencils are the perfect graphite shade to sketch in natural eyebrow hairs. Sharpen one to a point and draw in lightly for a finished brow.” No gels, no extensive over the top work needed here. 

To Highlight And Contour

Most girls out there struggle with contouring. It tends to be messy, not blended well and it often ends up not looking very fresh and radiant. As this season is all about matching your lip and cheek color, put your lipstick to good use, and dab it gently on your cheekbones. If more definition is what you seek, consider draping. This technique requires two shades of blush – apply the darker shade below the cheekbones for definition, and a lighter one on the cheeks. If it worked for Grace Kelly, it will certainly work for you. This gives you a healthy plump and defined look without traditional contouring.

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