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June Goals & May Update

We've reached the half point of the year! Is it just me or is 2017 just zooming by? Oh how happy am I that we're finally in the Summer months. Everything outside keeps looking better and better - well, besides the rain that Toronto has been getting lately. It's a drag. Speaking of rain, that's an excuse of not completing my Start Going On Walks goal from last month, right? May was supposed to be about flowers, not rain, but we actually got a ton of rain on this end so I wasn't able to do much walking. Also, eating healthier was a complete fail. There were a ton of events that were happening during May and it just wasn't the right time to put that on my list of goals (that's me trying to make myself feel better for eating like crap). 

On the positive side of the spectrum, I was able to check off the rest of my goals. I am still on a spending ban - though I did slip once - but everything is still gucci! Also, I planned to finish up at least two products. Instead, I ended up finishing a ton. Will be posting an empties post very soon! Lastly, experimenting with makeup more.. I feel like I wore makeup more during May compared to the past few months. I love just sitting in front of the mirror and creating different looks. I shared this makeup look earlier this week. Anyways, let's get onto June's goals: 

O1. Go On New Adventures
Looking into the future forecast, it seems like sun and hot weather is finally making it's way to Toronto. There's no way I'm going to stay indoors and put that to waste. I hope to go on new adventures and discover new things this month. Last year, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon a little town and it was really fun exploring it.

O2. Try A New Food Place
I love to eat - who doesn't? But I often find myself going to the same ol' places every time and sometimes it gets a bit boring. The city I live in is full of diversity and there's so many things, food places especially, that I have yet to indulge in. One day, I just want to step out of my comfort zone and try something I never thought I'd ever go for.

O3. Cook Dinner For My Family 
As much as I like eating, I also like cooking. I could seriously watch those sped up cooking videos on Instagram all day. However, my dad is the cook of the family and dinner is most of the time up to him. On the days he's away and I have to cook for myself, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I whip up some good sh*t. I think I'll give my dad a break a few times this month so I could show that I inherited one of his many skills.

O4. Take My DSLR Outdoors
Since blogging, I found a passion in photography but my subject is limited to things indoors since I mostly shoot beauty products. As I mentioned, the weather (says the iPhone weather app) is looking a bit better in the near future, so I plan on taking my hefty DSLR out with me and experimenting with nature.

O5. Aim For 1000 Followers On Instagram
To be honest, Instagram is one of the hardest social media platforms out there. I just reached 800 followers, but that number is teetering every single day and it's so frustrating. But anyways, I feel like I'm so close yet so far from a thou. I feel like it'll be almost impossible to reach in 4 weeks, but I'll shoot my shot. And who knows, maybe I'll hold a giveaway if I do reach it?

What will you be up to this month?


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