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Five Faves | Hourglass Cosmetics

Back at it again with another Five Faves post and this time 'round I'll be focusing on Hourglass Cosmetics. I've stated this on my blog a couple of times and I have no problem saying it again: Hourglass is a brand that has never disappointed me. I mean it. Everything I've tried from the brand so far, I've loved! There's no doubt that HG is one of my favourite makeup brands.. ever. Before I overly professing my love for them, let's just jump into my top five from the brand. 

Veil Mineral Primer | My absolute holy grail primer. This one needs no further introduction if you've been a long time reader. But if you're new, let me just tell you that this is the most amazing primer I've ever tried in my life. It goes onto the skin so smoothly that you barely know it's there. It evens out my skin making foundation application effortless and seamless. My makeup always looks the best when I use this primer. One thing that I dislike though is the darn price! It's so up there, but honestly, I don't mind spending the extra dollars since it does make everything so much better. 

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick | This is the first foundation stick I've ever tried and it may just be my last. Other stick foundations have a lot to live up to when going up against this guy. Though it's in a solid stick form, once it touches my face it just melts. The creaminess of this is literally amazing. It's also really easy to blend out (my favourite tool to use is the beautyblender). The pigmentation of it is phenomenal as well. This is easily a full coverage foundation for me. 

Ambient Lighting Palette | I have had this in my collection for the longest time and it wasn't until a few months ago that I fell head over heels for this palette. When I bought it, I didn't have the best knowledge towards makeup. I just followed what the YouTube beauty gurus preached - call me a lemming. That was when the matte finish look was all the rage. So when I tried it as a setting powder (like the YTs told me to do), I absolutely hated it and chucked it to the back of my makeup drawer. A couple months back from now, I pulled it out and gave it another go. I was in literal heaven! I couldn't believe I once hated these powders. They're so finally milled and don't look cakey on the skin at all. They also give off a healthy glow which I am living for at the moment!

Ambient Lighting Bronzer | This was a (kinda)recent discovery. I decided to pick this up a little while ago after reading a single review. When I swatched it for the first time, I was surprised at how beautiful it looked. But the ultimate surprise came when I actually popped it on my face as a bronzer. I couldn't imagine myself reaching for a shimmery bronzer before this, but now I've completely converted. I have the shade Luminous Bronze Light and it is the most perfect shade to give my skin tone a natural looking bronze while also giving me a glow at the same time. I think that I like this bronzer because the shimmer in it isn't too extreme compared to other shimmer bronzers. It's subtle but still packs a punch.

Ambient Lighting Blush | Last, but not least, a blush. If you hadn't gotten the point from the last two products, basically the Hourglass powder are the bomb and this is no different! It's another finely milled powder that goes on so nicely onto the skin and does not look powdery at all. The shade I have is Mood Exposure, but I definitely won't hesitate to expand my collection!

And there you have it! My five favourites from Hourglass Cosmetics. Before I end this post, I just want to apologize for how absent I've been in the blogosphere lately. I recently picked up a part-time job and it's been rough trying to find a balance between family, work, and blogging. But I'm sure I'll figure it out soon and hopefully I'll be back in full swing sooner than later. Xx

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Are you an Hourglass fan? Share your faves with me! 

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