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What's On My iPhone?

I wouldn't consider myself a nosy person, but when it comes to iPhones, I'm always curious about which apps people have on theirs. So for anybody who wants to take a peak into mine, this one's for you. Though I must warn you, you may be left very underwhelmed with what I keep on here. 

I only have two pages on my phone. On the first page, there's nothing too special - just the regular apps that come with the phone and the main social media apps that I use: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter (add me on all!). I also have a shortcut to my blog so that I don't have to open up Safari and type it in every single time. It's actually comes in extremely handy some times. I also have two folders on this page, but I'll talk about them later on. 

On the second page (aka the top secret page), I have two games that I like to pull up in my spare time. The first is Ballz, which is seriously addicting. I kinda want to recommend y'all to download it, but I kind of don't because you'll be wasting a lot of time on it. The second game is Pokemon Go. The hype died down a whole lot since it came out last Summer and I deleted it a while ago, but then my boyfriend started playing it again and it made me feel like I was missing out on stuff - so that's my excuse, haha.

Now back to those two folders on the first page. I actually am not so organized when it comes to folders on my phone which will probably explain why the folder names may not make sense, so please excuse that! Anyways, here is my first folder called "Productivity". It has three pages - one for some social media apps, the second for photo editing and social media stats, and the third is for throwing in random apps that I don't want to see on my home page. Since the first and third page apps are probably familiar to most of you, I'll just be talking about the apps on the second page. 

Followers | I'm pretty sure this has a better app name, but that's what it shows on my phone. It's pretty much a way to keep track of your Instagram stats. You could find out who your new followers are, who unfollowed you, who doesn't follow you back, who blocked you. It also has a cute little graph showing your follower stats. 

Crowdfire | This app is pretty much the same with above mentioned, but instead I use it for Twitter. This one tells me who unfollowed me, who I don't follow back, who hasn't been active in certain amounts of time. 

Quickflip | One thing I hate about the front camera is that whenever you take a photo, it flips the photo. Sometimes a picture looks better the original way it was taken and since I couldn't find the option to flip it back on the edit menu in Photos, this app takes care of that problem for me. 

VSCO | Do I really need to talk about this one? I'm sure everybody uses it. It has to be one of the best photo edit apps out there. This is what I mainly use to edit all my photos before moving on to this next app.. 

Snapseed | You know that bright white background that bloggers love to have? This is the way I get it done. Using the selective tool, I can pick a spot and edit the brightness of it. There's a lot of other options you can do on here, so download it and explore! 

UNUM | Last on this page is an Instagram planning app. I don't use this as much as I did because I'm trying not to have my theme all white anymore, but this helped me a lot when I was trying to achieve that. I'm pretty sure you can schedule posts on this (please correct me if I'm wrong), but I never used that option. 

In my second folder, aka the Business folder for no damn reason, I have some very, very necessary apps. Of course I have the banking app, RBC Mobile, to check my funds every now and then to remind myself how much harder I need to try to save. Next I have Sephora, I really don't think it's a coincidence that they're beside each other in this tiny folder. Also, I'm a damn beauty blogger, it'd be a crime if I didn't have this guy on my phone! I also have the Timeplay app, which is for playing games during the pre-show at movie theatres - not sure if this is only a Canadian thing. Next up is MyBell where I get to check just how much phone data I'm wasting being on social media 24/7. The next two apps will show you just how lazy I am - Uber & UberEats. Uber is for when my dad, brother or boyfriend can't give me a ride and I just can't with public transportation. UberEats is for those times that I have no ingredients to cook with at home and don't want to walk the 5 minute trip to the mall or grocery store.

Tell me some of your most exciting apps on your phone!
Do you have any embarrassing ones on there?

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