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May Goals & April Update

We are almost half way through the year people! Can you believe that? For me, April completely flew by. I'm pretty sure that was mostly do to the fact that I was still enjoying vacay during the first half of the month. Before I start sobbing at the fact that I'm no longer basking in the sun, let's reflect back on last month's goals.. 

A majority of my goals last month were focusing on my blog & social media, including getting back on schedule with my blogging, using social media more, and revamping my blog. Despite my short hiatus, I was able to post every other day since. Also, I did give my blog a nice little spruce up & I'm so happy about it. As for using social media more, I didn't use it as much as I could've but I think I was able to check that off my list. As for my other two goals...well..let's just not talk about it. Here are my goals for this month: 

O1. Start Going On Walks
Even though the weather in Toronto hasn't been so friendly lately, I'm hoping for the best that it'll clear up and we'll finally get some sun & heat. Anyways, when that finally happens, I want to start taking walks..anywhere. I actually want to start walking to the library with my little one before she starts going to school in a few  months. And maybe this'll also be my first step to being more active. 

O2. Eat Healthier
Admittedly, I've been eating like complete crap lately and I'm surprised my skin hasn't broken out from it. Eating like crap makes me feel like crap, so I'm hoping that I could change that and it'll make me feel a whole lot better. Paired up with my first goal, that's step two to a healthier lifestyle! Yay!

O3. Put Myself Back On A Spending-Ban
The amount of money I spent in the past month or so is ridiculous. Most of you might have already seen my recent haul (here), but guess what? There's another one coming! So it's back to limiting my spending yet again. I plan to keep it up until August because I actually bought tickets to go to IMATS and who really goes there just to look at makeup? Yeah, not happening. 

O4. Finish Up At Least 2 Products
Since I'm on the dreadful spending ban yet again, it means I need to shop my stash yet again. Not complaining, seriously. I feel like I'm nearing the end of a whole bunch of products but I really want to actually finish some completely. Specifically my ABH Dip Brow. I've had it for the longest time and I'm so close to being done with it. A little goes a very long way with that thing, so I'm going to be extremely proud when I finally get to include it in an empties post.

O5. Play With Makeup More
Minimal makeup has been all the rage lately and I admit to following that trend, but sometimes I miss experimenting with all the makeup. The other day I had some free time and decided to do my makeup. I took my sweet ass time playing with new & old things and it was so calming. I really need to do this more often & I'm sure that'll help me achieve goal #4. Like killing two birds with one stone! 

Any April highlights worth sharing? What will you be getting done this month? 

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