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Five Faves | NARS

I'm back with another instalment of my Five Faves series. This time I'll be talking about NARS Cosmetics. It's a brand I've always admired, especially for their packaging. Their simple black packaging always seemed so luxe to me. A vanity full of only their makeup is surely a minimalist's dream. But not only are their packaging luxe, but so are their products. Everything I've tried from them so far have not let me down and instead wow'd me every time. Here are my top picks from them:

This is a newer product to my collection, but it's already made it onto my top five from the brand. For the longest time I saw beauty bloggers raving about this and friends would tell me I need this, so I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago. I've been using this non-stop. It's gives me such a beautiful finish plus the coverage is pretty darn amazing. I'd say a medium to full, however it doesn't feel heavy on the skin whatsoever. I'm so glad I finally jumped on the wagon with this one because all the hype was real! 

Another base product that I love. It's a perfect option for the Summertime when you don't want to wear a ton of makeup. This tinted moisturizer is extremely lightweight that it feels like you have nothing on your skin. I find that it gives me a light coverage, enough to even out my skin. So if you're a full coverage kinda person, I'd skip out on this one. It also has an SPF of 30 which I'm sure is something all skin-conscious people would appreciate. 

I apologize in advance as I can't seem to find this anywhere. I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued which is just a shame because it's one of my favourite blush shades ever. I bought this a year or two ago and there was a point in time where I would use no other blush than this one. If you have the blush Harmony from MAC, they're pretty darn similar - a muted rose/brown. 

This was one of my first lipsticks from NARS and it was love at first swatch. I picked it up around the time when the line first launched and I was instantly drawn to this one. I'm pretty sure it was the first nude lipstick I actually liked on my skin tone. The formula of this lipstick is extremely creamy and pigmented. I can't go without praising the packaging as well. It's a sturdy metal tube that uses metal to make sure the lid stays on - I absolutely hate it when lipstick lids just wander off by themselves.. 

Lastly, the Velvet Lip Glides that came out a few months ago. This was a nice refresher after being in love with only matte liquid lipsticks last year. Unlike matte lipsticks that sometimes have your lips feeling a bit dry, these are the opposite. I love how this just glides on the lips so smoothly and feels just like a lip gloss without the stickiness. It also has great colour payoff and gives the lips a slight sheen. 

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Share your NARS faves in the comments! 

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