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The Beauty Rundown | March 2017

As soon as my two month spending ban was over, I found myself at the drugstore (of course in the cosmetics section) looking for something to finally take home with me. I quickly remembered how many great reviews I'd read up on recently about this guy & decided to throw it in the bag! I love how these are soaked pads as it's so convenient for those lazy days aka everyday for me. The scent of this I find really refreshing and when I use it on my face, it feels refreshing as well. After using this religiously for a month or so, my skin feels super smooth and I feel like it does a good job at exfoliating. 

To get straight to the point, I actually really dislike this brow pencil. It's super waxy, which I guess is good in a sense, but it's a messy and hard-to-work-with kinda wax. My brows feel super stiff and when I try to blend it out, it turns flakey. It's a shame that this was the first Pixi product I tried because I was left very skeptical about the brand. Hopefully all the other Pixi products perform better as so many beauty junkies rave about the brand. 

I recently took a snoop through my makeup drawer and found this guy in there, realizing I haven't really used it before. With glosses making it's comeback in this year's beauty trends, I decided to stray away from the mattes & lean towards the glosses instead. I was surprised at how pigmented this was for a gloss. I have the shade Basic Instinct (swatch over here) and it's a super pigmented peachy pink. It doesn't feel sticky at all. I'm also a fan of the applicator which is a flat doe-foot wand. You can't get the most application but it's really fast to just throw on. Of course the longevity isn't the greatest it being a gloss, however I don't mind at all as I said, super easy and fast to throw on. 

Products marked with a (*) were gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

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