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Beauty Wishlist #4

New product launches are just popping out from every corner & my wallet just can't keep up! Seriously, I can't. It feels like every company is coming out with tons and tons of products and the beauty community is going ape sh*t! I always tell myself that I won't give into the hype & I will save my money for the next big thing, then waddya'know..there I am putting in another order at Sephora or wherever my spendful heart decides to take me. 

The amount of money I've just threw to companies in the past two weeks is ridiculous.. I need to be stopped people! (Seriously considering putting myself on another spending ban for the next couple of months) Instead of giving into the hype, trying to stay on top of all these drops, and letting my bank account suffer, I've decided to throw all of these into a wishlist and try to keep it at that. Here are a few things I've been lusting after as of late: 

Have you tried any of these goodies? What's #1 on your wishlist at the moment?

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