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A New Liquid Lipstick | Cougar Beauty

Anybody remember the song Pullin' Me Back by Chingy? You know, with the lyrics "Every time I try to leave, something keeps pulling' me back telling me I need you in my life." No? Just me? Ok, well those lyrics depict my relationship with liquid lipsticks so well right now. As I'm slowly trying to get back into the world of creamy and glossy lipsticks, a new liquid lip pops up and I find myself obsessed with them all over again. The one that 'pulled me back' this time was one from Cougar Beauty. 

About Cougar Beauty
Cougar Beauty is a UK-based brand. Their products are formulated and designed for those who enjoy high quality products and are not prepared to compromise. All of their goods are made in the UK. The brand is extremely passionate about preserving the Earth for future generations which is why all the ingredients used for their products are sourced locally, cutting out transportation. They also ensure that less green house gases are emitted during the manufacturing process. Cougar Beauty also prides themselves for being a Cruelty-Free brand. None of their formulas are ever tested on animals. 

On first look, I love how minimal and simple the packaging is. The liquid lipstick comes in a clear tube making it easy for you to see the shade of it. I received the shade Cocoa* which is a beautiful nude brown shade, are you surprised? The lid is a matte black which I love as it's almost impossible for it to get dirty compared to other lids that tend to leave fingerprints. The applicator is a simple doe-foot and I find that it's super easy to work with. 

Upon application, the formula is really smooth, but thin. Though it's thin, it doesn't take away from the pigmentation and I find that even if you layer it twice, it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all making touch ups during the day not a problem at all. The lipstick has a slight vanilla scent to it, but it's barely noticeable. The only way you could possibly smell it is if you stick your nose right up to the tube. (yes, I did it for you guys!)

How did it wear?   A couple of minutes after applying, I found that the liquid lipstick didn't dry down completely and it had a slight tackiness to it. I wouldn't say it's the best formula out there, but it's definitely not the worst nor the most uncomfortable. I'd much prefer these over the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks any day as those make my lips feel like the Sahara Desert. Regarding longevity, these are also average. They're okay if you're going on about your day, but if you're going to have a meal, you'd definitely have to reapply afterwards because these really don't stand a chance against oily or greasy foods. Overall, I'd give the Cougar Beauty Liquid Lipsticks a so-so rating. They're not horrible, but they're also not the best. 

Products marked with a (*) were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

Have you tried anything from this brand before? What is your fave liquid lipstick formula?

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