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How to Keep Blogging While on Vacation

As most of you already know, I'm currently in the Philippines for vacation. So far I've managed to keep my blogging consistent and I pray that it stays that way throughout my whole trip. Admittedly, when you're on vacation, the last thing you want to do is be glued to your laptop trying to keep your blog updated. But luckily, I found a loophole to that (it's not really that serious, lol). Here are a few ways I'm managing running my blog while away from home:

pre-write,   pre-write,   pre-write
Before taking off, I tried my best to write as many blog posts as I could. It was pretty stressful, especially since I plan to put up a post hopefully every two days. But knowing that I have a couple of posts written to last me a couple of weeks has me at ease. Another good thing about pre-writing and scheduling is that you'll never know if the wifi you'll have at your destination will be good or not, so scheduling them to go live at a specific time makes blogging regularly much more easier. 

easy,   but   substantial   posts
This has to be one of the best loopholes. Pick out topics that you could easily write about and won't take you a whole lot of time. BUT make sure that what you're writing is still substantial & gives your audience a read worth their time. I think the easiest posts to do are list posts. They could take maybe an hour or two to write, but you could fit so much info in them if you try. 

take   photos   in   bulk
This one is the biggest time saver & what helps me keep my blog looking like I never left the country. I spent a few of my last days in Canada taking a bunch of 'stock' photos. Photos that could match any post I would write about & also, I took photos for posts I already had planned. The best thing about taking your blog photos before vacation is that it doesn't mess with the theme you have going on on your blog. Using the same props, background & photograph style will make it seem like you've not even left to go on vacation.

guest   bloggers
Use guest bloggers to your advantage. Ask a fellow blogger whom you trust to write something for you (and maybe you could return the favour in the future). Not only does it save you a lot of time, but you're also sharing the love by introducing your blogger friend to a whole new audience. Also, you get to build a relationship with that same blogger friend & that's always a plus!

How do you keep blogging while on vacation?

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