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Top Five Winter Foundations

Winter in Toronto hasn't been as brutal compared to previous years and I'm so thankful for that. I was looking back at photos and was horrified when I came across a picture of snow being waist-high on me. This winter has been super quiet and I've been so happy about it. Nonetheless, I'm so ready for it to go and for Spring to make an appearance. Before that, I wanted to share a few foundations that have been getting a lot of love this season..

This has to be my absolute favourite drugstore foundation. I've been using it a ton this winter but I have to admit that this one works well for me all year 'round. The formula of this isn't very thick, but I'd say it gives me a good medium to full coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. I find that this blends well using a sponge or brush, but during the winter I like to use a sponge with all my foundations to attain more hydration. Despite it's name, the foundation gives me more of a semi-matte finish which I actually prefer. My foundation always looks flawless when I use this and lasts me pretty much the whole day. 

The first time I tried this foundation was last year around the summertime and I hated it! I mean the formula was fine, the coverage was fine, it blended beautifully..but at the time, the stuff had me looking extremely oily; since then, I stashed it away into my drawer and didn't take a second look at it. When winter came, I took a risk and decided to pull it out. Like I said, I was a fan of the formula, coverage, and blendability, but adding the fact that the winter air makes my skin dry, my thoughts changed towards this one. It no longer made me look oily and for that point, I've been getting a ton of use out of it this season. 

For those days that I don't want to rock a matte-ish face, I pull this one out for a more dewy/glowy look. This foundation is more on the lighter side in regards to formula and coverage. I find that it applies like crap with a sponge, so I always use a brush to slap this one. Though it has a light coverage, the formula is thin enough that you could build it to a good medium finish without it feeling cakey. It makes my skin look so healthy and wears for the whole day on me. 

This is another foundation that works well throughout the year. My skin always looks so perfect when I use this. The formula isn't too thick but it isn't thin either; it's just the perfect consistency and it blends beautifully onto the skin. The one thing that separates this from the rest of my foundations is that this one caters specifically to asian skin tones and I think that's why I love it so much. I have it in the shade F200 (now 6.0) and it just matches my skin perfectly. 

Last, but not least, is this gem from Hourglass. I've been using this non-stop since I picked it up a few months ago. I love how convenient it is to just swipe it on and blend. It's so creamy and you could achieve full coverage with one later. This is the first stick foundation I've tried and I was thoroughly impressed. The only complaint I have with this is that it doesn't work with every primer; make sure to use a hydrating (instead of a mattifying) primer when using this. All in all, this is such an amazing foundation and I've been using it non-stop this winter.

What are your favourite foundations for the winter?

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