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February Goals & January Update

Can we all just take a minute to realize how fast January flew past us? How are we already finished with the first month of 2017? Crazy. Anyways.. Unlike my past few 'goals' posts, I have some really good news. I actually managed to complete everything on my list! I was successful with my spending ban (as you can see in last month's haul), I pulled out a bunch of oldies from my makeup collection, I hosted a successful giveaway, I cleaned out my closet & got rid of a few pieces, and I also got back into the flow of blogging. I can confidently say that my 2017 is sailing really smoothly so far. And now onto my February goals: 

O1. Continue My Spending Ban
As I mentioned, last month's spending ban went extremely well but I'll still be continuing with it as I'm planning to go on vacation in the middle of March. And until then, my no-spending habits will continue! 

O2. Be More Physically Active
I'm sure I mentioned this on my blog before, but if I didn't, I'll say it again: I hate the cold and I'll only go out if I really need to. Winter is still in full effect and without me needing to go out to work, I've just been sitting around at home, lazying around. I want to start doing some at-home-workouts and get my muscles moving and working more often. 

O3. Pre-Write A Bunch of Posts
Since I am going on vacation, I don't want to be spending a bunch of time on my laptop. However, I do want my blog to still produce content regularly. So for February, I plan on brainstorming and writing a bunch of posts that I can publish during my vacation. 

O4. Get Everything All Packed Up For Vacation
This is pretty much vacay-prep month for me and this goal falls under that exactly. I gotta double, triple, quadruple check my luggages to make sure that I have everything I need for vacation. I don't want to be spending money on things I could've packed from home, ya get me?

O5. Switch Off
Super contradicting to #3, but I feel like I've been spending way too much time online. I find myself on my laptop at crazy hours of the night and I know that must not be good for my health. I want to establish a routine/schedule so that I don't need to be depriving myself from sleep to keep up with my blog. 

What are your plans for this month?


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