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February Favourites

I was originally going to do my monthly haul post, but since I've been on a spending ban, there's pretty much nothing to haul. Well, actually, I bought a little bottle of the Pixi Glow Tonic & the Nip+Fab Glycolic Pads two days ago. BUT ANYWAYS - I thought in place of that, I'd do a little favourites post of things I've been loving this month. Let's get into it - 

I'm so happy that I picked this palette up when it came out. It has 4 beautiful shades & I just can't get enough of them. I've really been using them non-stop. They're gorgeous as eyeshadows & stunning as a highlight as well. I wear them as a highlight even though people would look at me weird. Despite the underwhelming pan size of these, the pigmentation and formula is what stole my heart. There's a full review on this that you could read over here.

Being forced to shop my own stash, I pulled this lip product out again. I was quickly reminded why I love it so much. The colour payoff of this is phenomenal and they apply so smoothly. It was also really nice to step away from the matte lipsticks and throw on something a tad more moisturizing. I'm definitely going to be picking up some new shades from this line in the near future. 

In attempt to finish a bunch of my concealers (so that I could finally justify buying the UD Naked Concealer), I've been using this non-stop. It has absolutely amazing coverage and brightens up my under-eyes so well. I'm so obsessed! A little bit goes a long way, so even though the tube appears to be small, you'll get a lot of use before it reaches the end of it's life. I initially started using it again to finish it, but now I'm considering repurchasing. 

These lip pencils have been all the rage lately and you have to believe me when I say: the hype is so, so real. They're the most creamy lip liners I've ever tried. Not only that, but they're also nicely pigmented. They work well as lip liners, yet looks just as beautiful all over the lips alone. You could read my full review in this post

Breaking Bad
Where was this show all my life? Why was I so late on this train? Seriously, this was such a good series. Though it had 5 seasons, I ran through it in two weeks. That alone should tell you how amazing it was. Basically, it's about a chemistry teacher who finds out he has cancer, so he seeks out to make enough $$ (through methamphetamine production) to leave behind for his family. I give it 5 stars & definitely recommend watching it! 

If you cared to notice, my last post was actually a video. I felt so accomplished after putting that vlog up as I haven't uploaded onto my YouTube channel for months. I've been telling myself (as well as stating it on my blog a couple times) that I'd get back to vlogging and I finally did it. I enjoy filming videos and putting them together with the music & everything. I hope to continue creating! 

Products marked with a (*) were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

What have you been enjoying this month?

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