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Beauty Products NOT Worth The Hype

Being a makeup enthusiast has it's benefits. You can express yourself through the art of makeup, watch others express themselves, learn different techniques of application, improve your skills with the art, but also, be exposed to hundreds of thousands of brands/products. That may be good, but at the same time it could also be so bad. Bad in the sense that you constantly feel the need to buy into every product that is getting hype in the community. I fall guilty to this and that's the reason for this post. Here are a few items that I feel were too overhyped to the point that they underperformed in my eyes:

I'm pretty sure it was mid-2016 when everyone and their mommas went crazy over this foundation.   Claims about how amazing it was, was just everywhere on the web. Of course I had to get in on this one. At the time, it was pretty rare to find this in drugstores where I live, so I took the time to actually order it online. For me, it wasn't a total dud. It had phenomenal coverage, just as everyone claimed, and I love how it had a pump (something all drugstore brands should follow suit with). However, I found the foundation to oxidize on me, making me look orangey. And if you're a real beauty advocate, you know there's nothing worse than a foundation that doesn't match the rest of your skin. Don't get me wrong, it's a great foundation; if only they fixed that little issue, it would've been worth it's hype. 

There's been so many good reviews on this highlighter. When I picked it up, I was actually debating on whether to snap up this or the High Beam (which I eventually purchased later on). After swatching them both in store, I decided to go for Watts Up first. There's no doubt that this is a beautiful highlighter; you could obviously see that once you swatch it for yourself. However, the thing that irks me if the way it applies. I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong, but every time I give this a go, it strip my foundation right off my face. If you have any tips on how to use this, please share! 

I bought this primer a few years ago and stumbled upon it when I was giving my collection a sweep a few weeks ago. I didn't give it a try again, but I saved it specifically to make this post. I remember that this was a primer that one of the "bigger" YouTube beauty gurus would rave about & me, being the impulse buyer that I was, decided to snatch one up. I absolutely hated it. It's hard to apply as it's stiff as a rock. It felt like it was just pulling at my skin which is something I'm sure nobody would appreciate. It was also hard to get an even layer since the formula was just horrifying. After this post, I'm looking forward to finally tossing it in the trash. 

This is another product that I recall so many makeup addicts raving about. Yet, I failed to see why it was so good. These did nothing for me at all, well, besides give me a bit of coverage. However, every single time I used this, my foundation, or whatever I was using in conjunction with it, would break up & I would have to wipe off my makeup and start again. I've tried this with foundations, moisturizers and they all resulted in that same way. I just can't figure out what the hype over this was about. 

This may come to a shock to many, but before you gasp, let me just say I'm not here to bash the Glow Kits to the ground. I admit that they are beautiful highlighters, BUT they're not the best. With all the hype they were getting, I was expecting them to be phenomenal. Instead of being buttery, they were a tad more on the powdery side. They're pigmented, but not as pigmented as they made it seem on the website. Again, they're great, but I was left a bit underwhelmed by them and they're not highlighters that I reach for as often. 

Which products do you think aren't worth their hype?

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