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Why I Started Blogging

Every blogger's story as to why they created their little space on the web is different; they may be similar in some aspects, but definitely unique. As for my story, a few may be able to relate to one element: boredom. Yes, I admit it - my blog was created out of boredom BUT my story doesn't stop there. Let me explain further..

Prior to January 11, 2016, I was a stay-at-home mom to my then-2-year-old daughter. Aside from being a mommy, I have to admit that I was also a night owl who spent hours on end on social media and watching YouTube videos until my eye lids were finally too heavy for me to keep open. One night, after being caught up on all of the videos uploaded that day, I took a little look at my Twitter timeline. I stumbled upon a link to a new blog created by someone I followed & had a little read. I must admit, this was probably the first blog I'd ever read in my life; the way she wrote it, it was almost like an online diary and I thought it was genius. I liked the idea so much & alas, my little blog was born. 

The Glam Surge was not the same as it was when I first started out. In fact, if you've followed me long enough, you may have remembered that my blog was initially named 'In The Life of NM'. Besides the name, there was one other huge difference compared to what my blog is now: the content. Like I mentioned, the blog I was inspired by was built like an online diary and that's exactly how I started out. I didn't know anything about the whole blogging community and all that jazz that comes with blogging; all I knew was that I wanted to share my life stories with my main audience being my family and friends. So if you dig deep into my archives, you'll find that the posts were focused more on my life (like this one & this one) and I'd even blog about family parties that I'd attend. Of course there was the occasional mix of a beauty post in there, but that wasn't my main priority.....yet

For a while, considering the content I posted, I labelled myself as a beauty & mommy blogger. Eventually I took to google to search for some other mommy bloggers and beauty bloggers. I found a few and followed them via my Google account. I was now seeing a bunch of other posts from different people around the web in those two niches, however I found myself drawn mostly to the beauty posts and rarely clicking on the motherhood posts. In addition to that, I found it more and more difficult to come up with mom-type posts, but extremely easy to conjure up beauty posts. Rapidly, makeup took over my blog (much like my life) and I was close to never writing any mommy posts.

After some time, I finally found out about Bloglovin'. I was exposed to loads of wonderful beauty & fashion bloggers (here are some of my fave finds!) and quickly clicked the follow button on every blog that intrigued me. Visiting Bloglovin' regularly and catching up on all the newest posts of the bloggers I followed kept me motivated to continue writing. A few months later, I decided to rebrand myself; I ultimately made the choice to drop the ".blogspot" from my website AND change my blog name from "In The Life of NM" to what it is currently.

And that, my friends, is how The Glam Surge was born.

What's your blogging story?


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