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January Goals & December Update

Another month has passed (a whole year actually - happy new year!), so it's time for another update + new goals. I'm just going to get to the point on this one and say I was only able to check off one thing from last month's list. Ugh, yes, I failed once again, but I do have a really good excuse! I decided to take a seasonal job offer in December to make more 'moula' for the holiday season. They gave me endless shifts, so I wasn't able to accomplish as much as I wanted to last month. With that said, the only thing I was able to get done was build a gingerbread house (yay!). My daughter and I did it together and we had tons of fun. To my surprise, our first one ever turned out pretty good. And now onto my new goals..

O1. Save Money
I have to admit that my wallet was treated as a punching bag throughout December with all the Christmas shopping (and maybe a few bits for myself as well). I'm officially putting myself on a spending ban and it's well needed. Who else is with me?

O2. Pull Out Some Makeup Oldies (But Goodies)
What a spending ban means to a beauty junkie is pulling out the products you already have in your collection. That's exactly what I'm going to do. After cleaning out my stash a couple months ago, I found a few goodies that don't get enough love. They're finally going to see the light of day again!

O3. Host A Giveaway
My blog's one year anniversary is coming up and I'm so ready to give back to my readers! Besides it being something beauty-related, I have no idea what I'm going to be giving away. I would absolutely love to hear your ideas, so leave me a comment about what you would like to see in my giveaway!

O4. Clean Out My Closet
Every single time I get ready, my room ends up looking like a tornado ran through it. All my clothes are everywhere from trying to find the perfect outfit and I'm just tired of cleaning it up time after time. I've come to a conclusion that I have way too many clothes, some that I don't even wear. So a clean out is definitely required.

O5. Get Back Into The Flow Of Blogging
As I mentioned, I was pretty busy with work last month and the regularity of posting, interacting with other bloggers, participation on social media, etc was highly cut back. Now that I have the time back, I want to push out a lot more content to make up for it and get back on the ball. 

What are your goals for 2017?

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