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Five Things That Make Me Happy

The weather where I live has been a bit gloomy for the past few days. Instead of coinciding my mood with the weather, I thought I'd do the completely opposite; a happy post to 'turn that from upside down'. Here are five things that make me happy:

O1. My Daughter & Family
This is literally the first thing that popped up in my head. There's no way I couldn't mention this. Waking up in the morning and seeing my daughter sleeping peacefully gives me such a warm feeling and makes me so happy. If I'm having a bad day, a split second with her will cure that. Being with family, in general, always puts me in good spirits. 

O2. Seeing My Best Friends For The First Time in Forever
A few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to hang out with my three BFFs for the first time in a long time. We were only together for a short while, but it was a few hours filled with non-stop laughing, jokes, and reminiscing on old memories. There's never a dull moment with best friends. 

O3. Swatching New Makeup
Only bloggers will understand the pain of waiting to swatch new makeup because you need to take that perfect photograph of it first. But once it's had a full photoshoot, the wait was totally worth it when you get to finally swatch that thing for the first time ever. One of my favourite things to swatch are eyeshadows in palettes. 

O4. Coming Home to Parcels at My Door
You know those packages that don't come with tracking? They can show up to your door at any moment. And when they do show up, it's like somebody left you a little present at your door step. Who doesn't like surprises like that?! I've been having a few of those happy moments lately since I ordered a bunch of little bits on eBay that are coming from China. 

O5. Getting Positive Feedback on Your Blog
I'm pretty sure this is something all bloggers can relate to. There's nothing more satisfying then having someone compliment your blog. The blog that you've put all your time and effort into getting some recognition? Amazing feeling. 

What makes you happy?


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