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The Beauty Blogs You Need to Start Reading

Throughout my one year of blogging, I've come across a ton of blogs in all different types of niches. But for me, my absolute favourite blogs to read are the beauty ones (duh!). It's just about time for me to share my most-liked beauty blogs with my readers. These are the bloggers that I feel produce some of the best content in the beauty community and are totally worth checking out: 

One of my favourite finds on the internet has to be Sally's blog. Not only does she always have the most gorgeous photos, but she also writes amazing, informative posts to go with them. Just like with all the other bloggers I'll be mentioning in this post, I never miss any of her posts. She's so knowledgable with all her beauty products, so I trust her word and keep it in mind when looking to try new products. Sally just hit 4000 followers on Bloglovin', so while you're checking out her blog, go ahead and congratulate her! 

Gemma Louise By: Gemma
Another blogger with absolute stunning photos. Gemma's photography is pure goals! Although her visuals is what initially drew me to her blog, I've been an avid reader because of how well her posts are written. Aside from that, she just had a little baby boy who is just the cutest little thing ever! Be sure to take a little trip over to her blog & find out for yourself why I'm so fond of it. 

cindyhyue By: Cindy
Cindy's blog has a really interesting aesthetic. The look of her blog is very minimal and her photos aren't as vibrant compared to other bloggers, which I am really fond of. But despite the whole minimalist feel of it, her posts are anything but minimal; in fact, I'd even say they pack a punch. She always writes the most detailed content. I always learn so much from reading her blog, especially about skincare products (which I am fairly new to).

There was no way I couldn't include this lovely lady. I feel like all of Nida's posts are so full of personality; so much that I seriously feel like we have a connection even though we don't know each other off of the web (in a non-creepy sounding way). Aside from that, her photography is really beautiful as well and I would definitely consider them goals. 

Amelia Says By: Amelia 
Last, but certainly not least is Amelia's wonderful blog. I just love the whole aesthetic of her blog. Her photos are extremely perfect, like something I would see in a magazine or something. I only dream for my photography skills to reach her level some day. As for her posts, they're always nicely written and detailed. Be sure to check her blog out, as well as all the other ladies I mentioned! 

Do you read/follow any of these lovely ladies?

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