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Winter Fashion Essentials

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, there's no denying that the winter coldness is finally upon us. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Winter. I absolutely hate the cold, so whenever this time of year rolls around, I'm ready to go into hibernation mode. But sometimes real life gets in the way and I have to get my ass up and out of hibernation. A good side to all this coldness though is the fashion and all the different outfits you could put together. Here are some of my favourites for this time of year:

b  l  a  n  k  e  t    s  c  a  r  v  e  s
One of my musts are blanket scarves. They're so thick and warm, but you can still style them to look good with your outfit. They're also extremely multifunctional. I'm one of those people who are always cold no matter what, so when appropriate, I actually use this as an actual blanket. I've also seen people style blanket scarves to act as cardigans which is a really nice look as well.

t  u  r  t  l  e    n  e  c  k  s
Turtle necks is one of the reasons I don't fully hate the cold. I'm utterly in love with turtle necks. They're really easy to throw on and they could even act as a scarf if it's not that cold to be wearing a blanket scarf. When I was younger, my mom used to always put me in them to 'protect my neck' from the cold. I guess that carried on because 'til this day I still like to wear turtle necks. 

c  h  u  n  k  y    s  w  e  a  t  e  r  s
When it's cold outside, the next best thing from a cozy blanket is a chunky, oversized sweater. I swear you can't even tell the difference. They're really snug and you'll be warm while still looking cute. You could dress them down or dress them up. I personally think they look really nice paired with some shiny leggings and over-the-knee boots.

l  o  n  g    c  o  a  t  s
This probably shouldn't be on my list since I'm a shorty and they make me look even shorter, but I can't deny that they look really nice. So let's just re-name this category as midi-length coats. Anyways, I love the look of these. And for someone who's always cold, like me, extra length is a blessing because it's covering up more of the body.

a  n  k  l  e    b  o  o  t  s 
Who doesn't love a good ankle boot? They're one of my favourites during the Autumn & Winter..and probably even through Spring! They just look good with a lot of outfits and there are so many styles/colours out there. I'm actually on the hunt for some flat chelsea boots, so if anyone could point me into the direction of some, please do! 

o  t  k    b  o  o  t  s
Over-the-knee boots are so popular at the moment and I am just here for it. They look good with pretty much everything. If you have a pair of fitting otk boots, I think it automatically makes your legs look really long, slim and sexy. Although some may not be suitable for those snowy days, you could definitely still wear them to your holiday parties. 

What are your fashion essentials for the winter coldness?

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