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I've Reached VIB Rouge!

Mama, I made it! Well, actually, I don't think my mom would be too proud of this achievement. But I've finally made it to VIB Rouge status for the first time! I actually hit it last weekend unexpectedly. Well, I knew I was close, but I spent about two hours pacing all over Sephora trying to pick out a gift. When I finally checked out and the cashier told me I reached Rouge, I was a bit caught off guard. If you're not too familiar with Sephora's Beauty Insider program, here's a little breakdown for ya:

o  n  e /    b  e  a  u  t  y    i  n  s  i  d  e  r
This is the bottom tier. It's free to join and you will never lose this status as you don't need to spend a certain amount to keep it. The only perk you'll get from this is a free birthday gift during the month of your birthday. 

t  w  o /    v  i  b
This is the next tier above 'beauty insider'. To get to this status, you'd have to spend C$350 within a year. To keep this status, you would have to spend C$350 the next calendar year. VIBs get the same perks as Beauty Insiders + seasonal savings, handpicked gifts, ONE free custom makeover, and ONE TIME free shipping on an online order

t  h  r  e  e /    v  i  b    r  o  u  g  e
This is the top tier and to get it, you would need to spend C$1000 within a year. Similar to VIB, to keep it, you'd have to spend C$1000 the next calendar year. VIB Rouges get the same perks as Beauty Insiders & VIBs + unlimited free custom makeovers, free shipping on ALL online orders, access to a private hotline, and invitations to exclusive events

If you read through all of that, and especially VIB Rouge, then you could probably tell why I'd say my mom wouldn't be too proud. But a thousand dollars later, I feel and have no regrets! One other perk that VIB Rouge gives you is a little welcome gift, which includes a little introductory packet & a VIB Rouge exclusive mini Nars blush in the shade Goulue. 

What's the furthest status you reached?

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