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Find Your Perfect Holiday Bra ft. ThirdLove

With the holiday season upon us, there is no doubt that you'll be attending a few Christmas parties. It's all fun and games until you think to yourself, 'What the hell am I going to wear?' After going through multiple stores, trying on hundreds of different outfits, and finally picking something out, another question arises. A question that will either make or break your outfit of choice. And that question is 'What bra am I going to wear with this?' 

Luckily, ThirdLove came up with a little quiz to find the perfect holiday bra that suits your personality (and hopefully matches your outfit) the best. When I took the quiz, the bra I ended up with was the 24/7 Classic Shirt Bra, which are my favourite type of bras. I was actually very surprised when I read the description as it was very spot on to my personality. 

Let's say the bras in the quiz didn't quite match your outfit, no need to worry because ThirdLove also carries a variety of bra styles. If you opted for a bare shoulder, they offer a pretty strapless bra that would work perfect alongside it. Or maybe you wanted to show a little side? The Strappy T-shirt Bra would be a great choice. 

One of my absolute favourites from them has to be the Lace Balconette Bra. Compared to some other bras, the lace looks very delicate and sexy, which I love. It would definitely make the perfect bra for when you've come home from all your holiday festivities and you're just chilling with your partner. *wink

The people over at ThirdLove were kind enough to allow me to offer a 15% off discount code to my readers. So head over to their site, snag one (or a few) of their gorgeous bras, and use the code "TL15BRABLEMSDEC" to get money off your order! (I do not make any commission off of this code whatsoever)

Take the Holiday Bra Quiz and leave your results in the comments!


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