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December Goals & November Update

Holy cr*p, it is DECEMBER, the last month of the year. Is it just me or did 2016 go by extremely fast? Nonetheless, it's been an amazing year and I'm so ready to set the last few goals for myself this year & get them did! But before I go into that, here's a little update on how successful I was at achieving last month's goals:

The first task I got to tick off my list was "Clean Out My Makeup Collection". I got rid of a ton of things and gave away a bunch of products to friends & family as well. That served as an excuse to buy a few bits during the Sephora VIB Sale (see haul here) to replenish what had been removed, haha. Next, I worked on my family yearbook. I'm currently up to date with it and I'm just waiting for this month to finish so that I could add the pictures in. A while back, I actually wrote a short post about my yearbooks that you could read about here and here

Also last month, I was able to purchase a new camera (yay!) and that means more vlogging. I did a bit of vlogging over the weekend, but haven't decided whether or not I'll be posting it. Lastly, which was the one fail of the month, I didn't get any Christmas shopping done. Though I have a valid reason that I will talk more about in my goals for the month of December.. 

01. Make a Snowman
I had a sudden realization the other day that I had never in my life tried to build a snowman. I've been lucky enough live in a place where it snows and I've just been taking it for granted! Before I get too old to function, I'm going to attempt to make a snowman with my daughter this month. Hopefully we get as much snow as it takes to build a decent snowman. 

02. Build a Gingerbread House
Another shameful confession. I have never built a gingerbread house either. I was actually supposed to last year, but when I went to go look for them, nobody had them in stock. Maybe I was too late? I didn't know there was a time limit on those things. This time I'll be sure to snatch a kit before it's too late. And yes, I will be sharing it on here if I succeed. 

03. Vlog
This was actually on last month's goals, but I received my new camera really late in the month so there was zero time to do any vlogging. Now that it's holiday season though, I'll be sure to capture some footage to share with you guys (if y'all would even be interested in my boring life). 

04. DIY Gifts
As mentioned above, I didn't do any Christmas shopping and that's because I decided to make homemade gifts! I'm not too sure what I want to do yet though. Maybe candles or bath bombs? Not too sure yet, but I'll work something out! 

05. Fix My Sleeping Pattern
This is the least festive goal, but it's a must. I've fallen into the worst habit of sleeping extremely late. Like 4-in-the-morning kind of late. And I'm sure it's not the healthiest lifestyle choice, so I'm aiming to fix that. Anybody else have a weird sleeping pattern?

What are your goals for December?


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