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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Him

One of the biggest problems I face each holiday season is buying presents for the males in my life. When it comes to my dad and brother, you'd swear I'd know what to get them since I've been living with them all my life and see them every day, but when it comes to it, I always struggle. With my boyfriend, on the other hand, it's even worse. Luckily, I did a little cheating this year and asked him to help me come up with some gift ideas for this post. I'm guessing he threw in some hints in here for me to catch on to and help me out this year. But if you're anything like me and struggle to choose gifts for all the hims in your life, hopefully this list could help you!

c  l  o  t  h  i  n  g
One of the first things my boyfriend mentioned was Nike Tech Fleece. If you have someone who is into fashion or fitness, these camo jogger pants or a black hoodie from Nike would make a great gift. A step up from that would be some running shoes, or just shoes in general. The pairs I included are the Ultra Boosts in white and the NMD Runners, both by Adidas. 

a  c  c  e  s  s  o  r  i  e  s
Wallets are always a great gift idea. But instead of the common foldable wallet, why not get him a chic card holder. Instead of carrying a big bulky ol' wallet, they can carry a slim & stylish one like this or this. Another accessory to gift is sunglasses. I know all three of the men in my life would appreciate some brand new sunnies. I loved the look of this pair and this pair, both from Ray Ban.

t  e  c  h
Tech is the adult word for toys and who doesn't like getting toys?! A drone was the first tech-y thing my boyfriend mentioned (To him: I'm sorry, but not any time soon). I think they're really cool and would love to have one for myself as well. So if you have someone who loves tech, that would be an amazing gift. Taking a step down from that, a game console would be spoiling them. The only ones I can think of are an Xbox & Playstation. Lastly, we came across this target shooting alarm clock. I personally think this is genius. It's an alarm clock that won't turn off until you shoot the target. Great for those lazy boys, haha

m  i  s  c  e  l  l  a  n  e  o  u  s 
And now some randoms... Cologne is a classic present. My favourite scents on my boyfriend are the Versace Man Eau Fraiche & Polo Cologne. If the men in your life like to read, go ahead and pick up a book or two that they've been itching to read, or if you don't know which book, a gift card to the book store would be nice. Last but not least, an amazing surprise would be some concert or sport tickets. Tickets to see their favourite singer, band, or team play will surely top all the gifts they receive this Christmas. 

Do you struggle to pick out gifts for the men in your life? 

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