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November Goals & October Update

Welcome to another goals post, where I tell you all about how I failed to complete my last month's goals yet again! Well I don't think it was a complete fail. Let's start off with the things I did come through with - I managed to get into the Halloween mood. In fact, you could see my look for Halloween in this post and #TheNyxEvent2016 (see here) was also something that got me into the Halloween mood. Next, I sort of shopped for A/W clothing. More browsing than buying was done, but I did purchase a really comfy sweater that I am obsessed with. And I picked out a few pieces from Zaful, which I am still waiting for to arrive.

And now for the fails of the month.. Experimenting with photography was on my list and guess what? I put it off yet again! I'm so disappointed that I failed at that yet again. Second fail, using my email list more often. I did send out one email last month at least, but I just don't know what else I could do with it (any and all suggestions are welcome!). Lastly, I didn't get to bake at all last month, which I'm so sad about. I'll still try to get that done though. Now that I'm done exposing my failures, here are this month's goals that I really, really, reaaaally hope to achieve this November:

01. Buy A New Camera
So.. I'm going to the Philippines next year and I am so excited! I don't think I want to bring my big ass DSLR so I just want to get a small compact camera to bring around with me to document my trip. Hopefully there'll be good sale prices for cameras on Black Friday!

02. Clean Out My Makeup Collection
I think this is something everyone should do every once in a while. It's officially time for me to let go of some products that I don't get much use out of anymore. I'll probably be giving it away to my family and friends & throw out any makeup that's past it's shelf life.

03. Work On My Family Yearbook
I cannot believe 2016 is almost over. I have so many photos sitting in a folder on my desktop and in my iPhone that need to go into my yearbook. I blogged about this a while ago so most of my readers won't know what I'm talking about, but I like to put all my family memories into a photo book (see post here). I have so many pictures to go through, ah! 

04. Do Some Christmas Shopping
Like I mentioned, Black Friday is coming! I want to take advantage and save some money on some gifts this year. I just have no idea what I'm going to get my family & friends yet though. I'm patiently waiting to read people's gift guides.

05. Vlog?
So if I'm successful at purchasing a camera this month, I want to start vlogging again. I did a couple over the Summer and it was pretty fun. I'd love to do it again. You could find me on YouTube here

What are your goals for November?

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