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My Love/Hate Relationship With Autumn

Oh look, another Autumn post. Ah, Autumn is one of the seasons I love to hate....and also hate to love. If I had to rank the four seasons, I think Fall would come in second to best (obviously with Summer coming in first). There's so much things to love about the season. Then again there are a few things I don't like so much about it. Enough rambling though, here are those 'things':

What I don't like: 
i / The Cold - If you live in Toronto, you know how bipolar the weather is. Sometimes if just gets way too cold, way too fast! It's like we just skipped Autumn weather and went straight to Winter. Thankfully, right not, the weather is absolutely perfect. But I am dreading the coldness that is yet to come.. 

ii / Allergies - I don't have allergies but I'm pretty sure this season and Spring are the allergy seasons? Correct me if I'm wrong. But ugh, I hate it because the boyfriend has allergies. It's such an annoying time because he's constantly sneezing and is congested and all that crappy stuff! 

iii / School - I'm not currently in school, but everybody else is and that makes me really lonely. Ugh, no more spur of the moment plans because everybody is either at work or at school. It's back to planning ahead of time to get a moment to see your friends. 

iv / Darker Earlier - During the Summer, I can be out at 9pm and it'll still be as bright out as it was at 5pm. But during the Fall, it'll start getting dark before 6pm sometimes. On top of that, the sun rises later in the morning as well. 

v / Bald Trees - The leaves turning colours are a beautiful site, don't get me wrong, but after they've all fallen off the trees...that's what I dislike. The trees are all bald and bare and look so empty. It's kind of depressing in a way. Something about big, bulky trees full of leaves makes me happy. 

What I do like:
i / Change in Weather - I did mention that I didn't like the cold, but I do like it when the air feels more cooler and fresh. As much as I love Summer, sometimes it's just way too hot and it makes you feel really sticky. So Fall weather is very much appreciated. I love it when it's around 15C-20C.

ii / Fall Trends - I feel like when seasons change, the makeup trends change with it. My favourite trends have to be during the Fall. I love wearing darker shades during this time of the year.

iii / Fashion & More Layers - I believe Autumn is the best season when it comes to fashion. I love seeing how people layer their clothing. I love the booties. I love blanket scarves. Bombers. Leather jackets. Trench coats. Denim jackets. L a y e r s. 

iv / Halloween - Halloween is so fun! I mean who doesn't like Halloween? I love seeing all the costumes and looks people come up with. And hello... free candy!

v / Closer to Christmas - Last but not least, Fall means we are one more season closer to Christmas! I love the Winter holidays. It's such a busy but happy time of year. Just thinking about it gets me so happy. I can't wait to go out and pick out some presents for family and friends.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Autumn?

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