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Fall 2016 Beauty Trends

I mentioned in a previous post (here) that I love beauty trends, Fall's in particular. With each year, these trends change. Some, however, are still something that's done every year - yup, you know I'm talking about the dark, berry lips. I did some research on what's hot for the season. Low and behold, there are some really good ones this year. Let's get into them, shall we?

01/ Vampy/Dark Lips - Were you surprised? Dark, vampy lips always makes it's appearance during this time of the year. I'm definitely not complaining. I love how grungy it looks. If you have a dark lipstick that's been collecting dust in your drawers, right now is the perfect time to pull it out! Here are some of my favourites: MAC Stone, MAC Rebel, KVD Vampira

02/ Silver in the Inner Corner - I usually like to just used whatever highlighter I'm using that day and dab a bit into that area. But now that I'm imagining it, a silver inner corner will look amazing. Especially since you'll be losing your Summer tan and getting a bit paler.. A silver inner corner will definitely brighten up your eyes and make you look more awake and vibrant.

03/ Copper Eyeshadow - Um....yes! Copper is such a gorgeous colour! When I think glitter pigments, copper is usually the first thing I picture in my head. I'm sure I have a few copper shadows in my collection but I'm definitely planning on going to MAC or something and picking up a rich copper pigment. Who's with me?

04/ Soft Smokey Eyes - During the other three months, the only time a smokey eye is appropriate to wear is when you're going to an event or clubbing. But during Fall, no one's judging! I love a good smokey eye, especially when it's a more softer one. I think if you do a really soft smokey eye (I'm talking almost natural looking and using neutral shades) and pair it with a berry lip, it'll look amazing. So let's see your smokey eye looks, ladies!

05/ Red/Berry Eyeshadow - Not surprised by this one either. I've really fallen in love with red and cranberry shades. They look amazing on the eyes. There's really no wonder why I chose the ABH Modern Renaissance palette to be my go-to for the season (read here).

06/ Glossy Makeup - I found this one really interesting. At first I thought this meant to be really heavy with your highlighter to give you a glow. But actually, glossy means to have a wet kinda look going on. You're supposed to look glowing and illuminated, and like you're underwater or something (haha, I read that somewhere while researching). Seems intriguing!

07/ Glitter - I mean, is there really a limit to when glitter should be worn? But I think this is a new trend (correct me if I'm wrong). When I thought of glitter, I mostly pictured it being worn during the Winter months because of the holidays and it's parties. What do you guys think?

08/ Clumpy Lashes - Last but not least, the clumpy lash trend. If you're a regular on my blog, you probably know that I hate clumpy and spidery looking lashes.Well, apparently they're a beauty trend this year. I was really surprised when I read that this was a trend. But there were a few photos of models rocking this look, which I thought looked really bad. Definitely passing on this one, sorry.

Let me know if I missed any trends! Which ones will you be rocking this Fall?

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