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A Few Bits I've Been Loving

I don't regularly do the whole 'monthly favourites' thing but I sometimes find it nice sharing some of the things I've been obsessing over as of late. I absolutely love reading people's non-beauty favourites  as much as I enjoy reading their beauty favourites. So here's a little curation of goodies that I've really been fond of: 

Opal Liquid Highlighter | I’ve had this liquid highlighter for a while now but it found it’s way to the back of my makeup drawer after I tried it out the first time. That was because I was actually applying it straight from the tube. When I did that, it sort of wiped off some of my foundation and left a dark spot. So, this time around, I put a bit of it on the back of my hand, dabbed my beautyblender into it, then applied it on my cheeks. It gives the most beautiful natural looking glow to the skin. I’ve been preferring that look over an intense highlight as of late.

ABH Cream Contour Kit | Another product that was collecting dust in my drawer was this bad boy. Reason being the formula was kind of stubborn, so it took a lot of effort and blending to get it to look decent on the skin. Just like with the liquid highlighter, I tried a new way to apply it. I added a few drops of beauty oil to the product, which made it more creamier and easier to blend on the skin. Again, it creates a more natural look which I have been loving. 

Laneige Water Bank Serum | I don’t want to talk much about this one because there will be an upcoming post about my updated skincare routine (so keep an eye out for that), which includes this guy. But bottom line, this is an amazing moisturizer that keeps my skin hydrated for a long period of time. It actually took the place of the moisturizer I’ve been using for more than a year. 

First Lush Experience | So, a new Lush store just opened up at the mall I live 5 minutes from. Could be a bit dangerous to my wallet, but…no regrets! Anyways, it was actually my first time purchasing things from Lush and I had a very pleasant experience. My best friend actually works there and she helped me out. (So to all my Toronto readers, if you happen to drop by Lush at Fairview, ask for Angela!) I will have a future post going more into depth about this and what I bought, so again, keep your eyes peeled for that! 

Secret Life of The American Teenager | My October Goals/September Update is going up tomorrow but here’s a little sneak peak: I totally botched pretty much all my goals because of this corny ass show. But ugh, I really enjoyed it! I binge watched all 5 seasons in the span of 4 weeks. It’s a funny, crazy, romantic-ish teenage drama show. If you’re into that, check it out. Now that it's over, maybe I can focus on real life. It's kind of bittersweet though, I didn't want it to end! (Spoiler: I was thoroughly disappointed with the series finale - and I took to Twitter for that)

What have you been loving lately? Do you have any Netflix suggestions?

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