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Beauty Hacks To Highlight Your Best Features | Guest Post

A path to beauty is filled with trials and errors, but it’s important to experiment and try out different things in order to see what works. From home remedies to little adjustments in the way you maintain your beauty routine, there is a wide field of beauty hacks you can give a chance to. Here are a few of them you can test in order to bring the maximum of your beauty.

the power of makeup
Makeup is certainly a number one ally when it comes to pointing out your best face features. However, you should treat it as a helping means, not as a mask. Makeup can help you cover up your imperfections or create a diversion that will draw attention to attributes you’re proud of. You can use the art of contouring to make your nose look smaller, make your lips look bigger by filling in the outer line in natural flesh color or make your eyes look wide awake by applying white color to your lower waterline. An extra tip for big eyes: curl your lashes! Use a blow dryer to warm the curler for a bit and it will make your lashes curvier than ever! For dewy looking skin that leaves an impression of the no-makeup look, add a few drops of facial oil into your foundation: it will hydrate your skin and make it look fabulous and natural.

take care of your smile
While makeup is the instant solution for enhancing your features, let’s not forget the most important thing: your smile. Some scientific studies have shown that smiling has a transformative power and it can make people perceive you as more attractive and approachable. Dental hygiene is mandatory and you should also take precaution with beverages. Green tea is a good alternative to coffee (e.g. it contains antibacterial properties which keep your mouth healthy) but both of these beverages can stain your teeth. While there are home remedies for teeth whitening (e.g. baking soda), for more lasting results turn to cosmetic dentistry and make your smile shine bright as a diamond. Add a lip plumping gloss and you’ll be a head-turner even without makeup on!

make your perfume last
You’re certainly familiar with the following annoyance: you put on that seductive perfume before you leave the house and just when you reach the second block – it wears off. While the quality of the perfume may be to blame, the way you apply is important too. Apply Vaseline to your pulse points (i.e. wrists, neck, and the back of your ears) and then spray them with perfume. Did you know that scent plays a great part in shaping impressions? Go an extra mile to leave a dazzling one and apply perfume to your hairbrush. Comb your hair through and the scent will follow you wherever you go.

mix your own leave-in conditioner
If you have dry hair that’s prone to breakage, you know the importance of hydration. Picture this: you’ve already washed your hair and now you reach for your leave-in conditioner for extra care when suddenly you realize you ran out of it. Don’t stress: you can make your own! Mix your regular conditioner with water in a spray bottle in 1:3 ratio. This way, your hair will be hydrated and because of the lightweight formula – it won’t leave you with unpleasant dandruff.

dry your nails faster
Somehow, most women are left with ruined manicures because there’s just not enough time to get ready. To dry your nail polish faster, put your nails in cold water. To avoid stains of bright colors, first apply the see-through coat. Consider using the one with vitamins to kill two birds with one stone.

Very often, when you see some girl with a beautifully radiant skin, it’s a matter of few drops of coconut oil in her skincare regime. Feel free to experiment and share your experience with other women!


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