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Tops Picks | Apps On My iPhone

If you read my August Haul, you may have seen that I finally upgraded and got myself an iPhone 6s. I love the feeling I get when I get a new phone. It's sort of like a fresh start. And what comes along with that fresh start, you get to choose which apps you want on your phone! These are a few apps I've installed onto my new phone:

01. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat | Of course I have my social media apps on there!
02. Pokemon GO | Yes, I am addicted! Who isn't?
03. VSCO | The only app I use to edit my photos! (Here's how I edit them)
04. Dropbox | This comes in really handy for me when transferring files!
05. Sephora | Please find me a makeup addict who doesn't have this app.
06. Evil Apples | For when I get bored and need something to play, haha!

Do you have any of these apps on your phone?

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