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Summer Favourites

It's kind of bittersweet to say but Summer is finally coming to a close. I don't usually do favourite-type posts on my blog but over the Summer months, there's been a few things that I stayed faithful to and used all season that I wanted to share with all you lovelies! It's a mix of things, not just beauty. But enough with the stalling and let's get into it;

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Sunscreen | I picked this up at the beginning of Summer to protect my skin from the sun. I've never religiously put on sunscreen or sunblock on my face, before this Summer, which caused me to get little sun spots on my cheeks. After using this though, no new sun spots appeared throughout the whole season. Aside from protecting my skin, I really like this because it actually smooths out my skin and works kinda like a primer, making my foundation glide on really nicely.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo | I bought the mini size of this a few months ago and finally got some use out of it. It was a really hot Summer so you could imagine all the sweat and outdoors-y smell that builds up in your hair. This dry shampoo was really good at absorbing all the sweat/greasiness that builds up, making my hair look like I just washed it. The scent of it is also really pleasant, which made my hair smell just as good as it looked.

Becca Jaclyn Hill Face Palette | You're probably sick of seeing this palette being mentioned on all beauty blogs but trust me, the hype is real! This palette is so gorgeous. The blushes and highlighters in it are so pigmented and totally worth the money. I got a lot of use out of the highlighters this season, whether it was using them separately or piling them on my cheeks together. My favourite blush shade has to be Amaretto. I'm not sure if they still have this at Sephora, but they do have the split pans!

Talula Monterey Bralette | Sometimes I found it a little too warm to wear a bra, but didn't want to #freethenipple, so I often opted for this lacy number. It an easy piece to throw on that looks really pretty if it's peeking out a little. I have the black one and nude one, but they have a bunch of other colours as well.

Adidas Adilette Slides in Black | I pretty much lived in these slides all Summer long. They're just so easy to slip on and out the door I go! Of course they're really comfortable as well. I spent long days Pokemon hunting in them and my feet were in perfect condition every time. I have them in red as well, but I found that black went well with pretty much anything I wore.

Taro Milk Tea from Chatime | The amount of money I spent at Chatime this Summer is insane. But ugh, it is so addicting! Whenever I see a store near by, I have to make the stop and get my fix. I'm not too sure if this is healthy, but it's definitely not something I'm willing to give up! (Question: Do you have a Chatime near by?)

What is something random that's made your Summer Favourites list?

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