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Some New Changes | Update

Over the weekend, my blog had been going through some big changes. I apologize if you visited my blog while it was a little under construction as I was changing and fixing up this new theme. But on to bigger news, I've finally dropped the ".blogspot" from my site and I actually switched over to a brand new name!

If you're confused, I was formally "In The Life of NM". When I first started my blog, it was meant to tell current or past experiences of my life to a small amount of readers (family & friends)..hence the name. A while after, I started blogging more about beauty and enjoyed posting about it so much more. Fast forward 8 months later, I barely talk about my life experiences anymore (excluding the short vlogs once in a while) so I no longer found my blog name fitting to my content. And that's when  The Glam Surge was born. It's a much more appropriate name to describe my blog and I feel much more confident with it. 

Also, over the weekend, I changed the names of my Instagram and Facebook page. So be sure to follow those to see more of me. You can even follow me on Twitter and Snapchat if you'd like! 

Thanks for staying up to date! 
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