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September Goals & August Update

It's that time of the month again, where I set goals and update you guys on last month's. Well, I'm so happy to say that I accomplished all of my goals from July! I've successfully gotten back to the flow of blogging. One of my favourite things about blogging is the photography aspect of it. I'm not a professional nor do I claim that my photos are the best, but I just love taking them and experimenting with my camera.

The next thing I ticked off my list was going Pokemon hunting in Downtown Toronto (see post here).  It was pretty fun and I got to catch some cool Pokemons. On the same weekend, I picked up two of the new L'oreal Pure Clay Masks so I would say that counts as finding new skincare products. Though I would love to explore more. Also, on the same weekend, we went to the zoo (see post here) and I brought my polaroid for Kayla to take some shots and fill out our little album! Overall, I had a really eventful month and enjoyed every moment of it. And now onto my September goals..

01. Work On Improving Old Content
Since Summer's over and I probably won't be as busy anymore, I want to try going back to older posts and format them to match the style I write in now. And if I possible, I'll try to take better photographs as well! 

02. Search For A Program To Enroll Kayla Into
Like I said, Summer's over so now Kayla and I are going to have a lot of extra time. It'd be a shame if we just spend the whole time indoors or at home. I'd love to put her into a program or a play group so she can socialize with other kids and get her ready to go to school next year. She actually surprised me one day and did the splits! So I'm wondering if I should put her into dance or gymnastics? Not sure yet! 

03. Start Reading Again
Now that I'm going to have time, I want to get back to reading! I have a bunch of books sitting on my bedside table that have just been collecting dust all Summer. I also really want to read #girlboss! But other than that, does anybody have any recommendations?

04. Experiment More With Photography
I swear all of my goals are only here because I finally have time now but - I've been dying to play around with my camera and take photos of things beside product shots. I actually screenshotted a 30-day photo challenge list that I saw on another blog which I plan to do and share on here once I am finished it all.

05. Be More Social
I don't necessarily mean be social in person (but I do need to work on that as well) but I really mean to be more active on social media. Through blogging, I learned that I love getting to know and talking to people that have the same interests as me. So I'd love to connect with other beauty bloggers or bloggers in general! 

Did you reach your goals for August? 

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