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Travel | Pokemon Go at Downtown Toronto

If you're a regular reader on here, you might have known that going Pokemon hunting in Downtown Toronto was one of my goals for August. Well, I finally made that happen! Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip to the city and satisfy our itch to really Poke hunt.

The area that we went to is a known spot for Pokemon trainers. From what I've heard, this place is filled with tons of trainers everyday. It's so popular that it's even been shown on local news stations. If you're from Toronto, you'll probably know this spot as the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. Aside from the bunches of people there for the actual ferry, the place has been extra busy and full since Pokemon Go released. These first two photos don't really show just how many people were there that day. 

There are a few Pokestops bunched together in the area. So if you position yourself just right, you'd be able to get some within your radius and you won't need to move an inch. OR some people like to walk around this place and the boardwalk to get to more stops. My boyfriend and I stayed in one spot and didn't move around much because it was super hot that day. Nonetheless, there were Pokemons popping up non-stop. I was actually able to catch a few that I didn't already have (including Magmar, Poliwrath, Slowbro).

Just when we were about to leave, I spotted this little section. A man had this little PokeMart where he sold buttons and keychains. There were a bunch of different buttons including team logos, all the different types of Poke Balls, etc. I'm pretty sure they also sold t-shirts, but I'm not fully positive. As you can see, the buttons were actually pretty cheap. They were $2/each or 3 for $5. So of course Darwin, being a crazy fan, went ahead and bought three. 

The first one he picked out was the Team Valor logo (comment down below which team you're on!). The second one he got was an Ultra Ball, which I believe is the strongest ball you can use. Lastly, he reached for this cute Pikachu one and he's wearing a cute little tie! - I just wanted to mention that I finally reached level 20! Helloooo Ultra Balls! 

To end off the tiring day, we went to eat some sushi while we recharged our phones (Pokemon Go kills your battery fast af!). How convenient that we were parked between two Poke Stops! Somebody dropped a lure on one and Darwin did on the other. The grind never stops! 

Where is your favourite spot to go Pokemon hunting?

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