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Beauty Products Worth The Splurge

There are so many beauty products that get hyped up around the blogging community and on YouTube. It could be named the 'greatest drugstore' product and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. But when it comes to a high end product with a higher price tag, I often question: Is it worth the splurge? I don't jump on the bandwagon every time, but admit that I have had my fair share of buying hyped up products. Some things didn't work out for me, yet some did. Here are a few bits in my collection that were definitely worth my $$$.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
I'm going to try not to profess my love for this primer because every time I bring it up in a post (and I have many times), I just praise the crap out of it! I mentioned this in my Ride or Die Tag post if you want to know more about it! But just a quick run down: it's my absolute h o l y  g r a i l primer and despite the hefty price tag, I will always repurchase. I always get the smallest size, but it finishes so quickly so I'm  about to empty my pockets on a bigger size.

A good, full coverage foundation is a must if you want your makeup to be flawless. If that's what you're going for, this foundation does just that. I picked this up a while ago when it was all the rage. And let me tell you the hype was real and still is real. If I'm going to be at an event and need my makeup to be absolutely perfect, this is the foundation I go for. It's super full coverage but doesn't feel or look too heavy on the skin. This stuff does not budge and stays on for hours.

Hands down, when it comes to liquid lipsticks, KVD houses my favourite formula. I have a few shades from this line and I love them all! I have dry lips and this is the most comfortable and least drying liquid lipsticks I own. Aside from that, the pigmentation is on point as well. There's no need to apply layer after layer to get the colour you want. Also, have you seen the packaging? L o v e. 

If you're a Beauty Insider at Sephora, you can get this for free as a birthday gift and I urge you to! To be honest, when I wrote my Ride or Die Tag I completely forgot about this. So I'll just mention it here! But this stuff literally does not budge! Even on my waterline, it doesn't budge! 

I personally think the best highlighters come from Becca. Every highlighter that I have from the brand is super pigmented and gives me the best glow. The formula is really smooth and it's also build able. So whether you want a subtle highlight or an out-of-this-world glow, it can be achieved with these. My favourite from them is Opal

This isn't the biggest splurge, but for some it might be. I only have one Morphe palette (35OM) but it's a really good one. All of the shadows in it are pigmented and buttery smooth. They apply nicely, so I won't hesitate to purchase more. In fact, I was actually planning to buy the 35O Shimmer and the 35F is also looking really pretty!

Okay, this definitely is not a splurge but I just felt the need to mention this because this is the best lash glue I've ever tried. There's nothing I hate more than a weak-ass lash glue and this is everything but that! If you like wearing falsies, try this out.

What is the most pricey, but worth it, beauty product you own?

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