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5 Things Most Don't Know About Me

I swear there is so much more to me than just my makeup obsession. When you read a beauty blog, all you get to see is our beauty-crazed posts but don't really get to know the actual blogger behind those posts. To change that, here are a few facts about me that you probably didn't know. 

01. I have a passion for interior designing.
I've always liked decorating my room and rooms in my parents' house. I'd switch up the look of my room as often as 2 times a month, trying to feed my love for designing/decorating. After finding out about Pinterest, the obsession just grew. I dream about having my own place one day and decorating it the way that I want to. 

02. I used sharpie as eyeliner.
This is such a bad one, but yeah I did. It was a really long time ago, but for some reason I thought it would be okay to do that. Sometimes I'd even use coloured sharpies to switch it up - haha! Thankfully, nothing bad happened to my eyes or skin. 

03. My belly ring ripped off during work and I waited until the end of my shift to check on it.
I was washing dishes at work and I guess I was too close to the sink. My belly ring somehow got caught on it and when I stepped back, it just ripped off. I was in a state of shock and too scared to check it right there and then, so I just continued working. When I was done my shift, I went to the washroom to see the damage. (Warning: What I say next, might make you sickI'm sorry.) I flipped up my shirt and found a chunk of my skin on the belly ring, which was now separated from by body. 

04. When I first got my dog, I was terrified of him
Technically, this was my second dog but I had a traumatic experience with the first one. He (the first dog) bit my leg when I was a little girl, so we ended up giving him away. So when I got home and saw a tiny little puppy, I was excited but low-key scared. I would flinch or run away when he got close to me, lol! Let me know if you would like to see a post about my dog! 

05. I'm allergic to cats.
The first time I had an allergic reaction to a cat was when I went to the Philippines. There were a lot of cats roaming around so I pet one. My eyes got really itchy and swelled up. The second reaction was a few years ago when I slept at a friends house. She had a cat which I got close to but by the end of the night, my eyes were on fire. So I guess that pretty much proves my allergy to cats!

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